Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I’ve considered reading this book for so long! I’ve seen it pop up on my “recommended” more times than I can count and yet each time I just scrolled right on past. It seemed to have an interesting plot but I didn’t think I’d like the idea of a cyborg girl being this heroine. Turned out I kind of love cyborgs now, so thanks for that Marissa Meyer!

The story of Cinder is absolutely amazing. It’s nothing like the beautiful fairy tale story we grew up hearing! The plot twist smacks you in the face right at the beginning and from then on the book had me hooked.

UGH! Can I just say that I hated Adri, the nasty step-mother, like no other evil character I’ve ever met before! She and that little witchy daughter of hers …. AHHHHHHH! Drove me insane! In such a good way, though. Made me hate the woman, love the story. Again, another testament to Marissa Meyer’s incredible writing abilities.



Unlike the classic, beautiful story that Disney concocted, Cinder is full of twists and turns, lefts and rights you never expected. Cinder is just your everyday, normal cyborg girl that works on different gadgets and takes the money she earns from them to her terrible caretaker, Adri ― the woman I loathe.

One day, when Cinder is working in her shop, some handsome man walks in and asks for Linh Cinder. And guess who that happens to be? Prince Kai, of course! But Cinder has bigger things to deal with than fixing the android of a charming prince … or so she thinks. While a deadly disease is sweeping her country and taking the people closest to her, the prince’s android seems to play a key role in almost everything. Cinder will have to fix the android and get it to the prince’s ball before it’s too late and everything unravels before her.

Cinder was an amazing heroine and I absolutely adored her for her strength, courage, and self-worth. Not only do I think the girls of the world could gain something valuable from this story, but I gained something valuable too! Not every heroine has to be this drop-dead gorgeous girl with a perfect life planned out for her by the author. Sometimes bad things happen. I’m a realist and I happen to like it when reality intertwines perfectly with the story. At least, when it’s done in this intricate, beautiful way.

Cinder was the perfect heroine, in my opinion. She was a mechanic, something I’d never seen before in a heroine. But WOW did Cinder play the roll well.

But, you know, there’s always got to be that poorly developed character, right? Every story has a character that hasn’t been developed enough and that should be more defined. Maybe show more emotions, give a little mystery to their past. Right? Every book has it. RIGHT?!?


No, every character was awesome. But one in particular caught my attention. And who do you think that was?

No, no, no. Let me rephrase that. Kai ……..
I have learned that there is such a thing as a perfect prince. Prince Kaito is just that. He is the perfect mix of arrogant, fun-loving, joking, and responsible, mature, and sovereign. He can play both so well! He can seamlessly move from joking around with Cinder to being demanding and responsible, taking care of the country he’s recently been given.

But, since you’re obviously going to read the book, I won’t reveal anything else about him.

Cinder captured my attention from the first letter of the first word and held my attention until the last tittle. Loved the book more than I can describe! Possibly one of my new favorites! (Isn’t it ironic that all the books we shove aside and say, “Eh, I’ll get around to it … maybe” turn out to be our favorites?!?!?)

Later, babes!

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