It’s Factual Friday!

Welcome to Factual Friday! Every Friday I’ll try to post some little tidbit about what’s going on out here in Nashville, what film project I’m working on, what I’ve been involved in, and fun stuff like that. Or, you know, on occasions I might mention that I got new books in the mail. … This is one of those days. When guests first walk into my room, one of their firsts questions is, “Why are there so many weapons on the walls?” But their second question is, “What’s with all the books?” I just smile at them sadly. It must be hard not knowing what life is like with all these books. I freak out every time a new book shows up on my doorstep! Everybody says, “You have too many books as it is!” Of course, my immediate response is:


7059135So, yeah. Now that we have established that, time to move on to the books I got today!

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder Yeah, I’m excited about that one. The cover caught my attention a while ago but I never read the description for some reason. Somebody on Good Reads suggested that I read it. So I guess I’m gonna try it out! The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williamsn385460 Okay, this one I’ve already started. Actually, I’m almost halfway through it! Which is pretty good, considering I just got it today. So far, it’s been interesting. A little predictable but pretty good. The one thing that’s made me frustrated so far? THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE. Haven’t we used this enough? *Shakes head silently.* Let me know what’s on your book shelf!

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