The Rules by Stacey Kade


So, I was just doing some book browsing in the local bookstore with a little cousin of mine (such a charming girl *cough, cough, sarcasm*) for her Christmas present when I happened to stumble upon a table of awesome books! And since I hadn’t been to a bookstore in forever, I bought around ten, maybe twelve books. One of which was Ms. Kade’s, “The Rules.

Okay, so we’ve already established that I like judging books by their covers and I loved this cover! It was a little misleading in the end but it was still a beautiful piece of cover art.

Anyway, about the book!

Stacey Kade creates a very realistic view of high school while adding in the science fiction aspects that make her book unique. The synopsis of the story was just as misleading (to me, anyway) as the cover, though, which was a little disappointing but it was still an awesome read!

Ariane Tucker is not your average high school girl. She has a secret. (What high schooler doesn’t?) And this secret she’s hiding just happens to be the fact that she’s half human, half alien — some sort of hybrid!

Fun, right?

Ariane is on the run from the evil corporation that made her and now wants her back! Her adoptive father is trying to hide her from the corporation but Ariane complicates everything when Zane Bradshaw gets in the way.

Zane doesn’t enter the picture the way I’d thought he would (thank goodness) but he isn’t the character I thought he’d be (sadly). Nonetheless, he was a cool guy. As the police chief’s son, Zane strives to be better! To impress his dad! Too bad dear old daddy isn’t easily impressed.

When a school prank goes wrong and Ariane’s best friend, Jenna (who I will speak of shortly), is viciously tricked, Ariane intervenes, which puts her in Zane’s sights! But then Zane has a brilliant idea … and it works out pretty well!

Okay, so, Jenna. I was thoroughly impressed with the character created by Kade. Most of the B characters or static characters or foil characters, whatever you want to call them, are preppy, hyper, take-charge, and, let’s face it, are normally black. Why? Don’t ask me.

Kade breaks this pattern with Jenna. All Jenna wants is to be popular and in with that crowd. She drives me crazy sometimes! She isn’t an extremely deep character but she’s not so shallow that I could stand in a pool of her and not get my feet wet.


The Rules really was a great read and one I would highly recommend. Before you enter into the world Stacey Kade has created, let me warn you! Things are not as they seem. Do not let yourself be lulled into a sense of security by anyone! ANYONE!

You’ve been warned.

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