Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

AGH! This book! I am in the midst of a serious love/hate relationship with this book. The mixture of fantasy and realism is a little much for me but I learned to live with it because I freaking loved the heroine! And don’t even get me started about the gorgeous cover.

Throne_of_Glass_UK Throne of Glass was intriguing from the moment I picked it up but it was so frustrating, too! Celaena was a totally new heroine. I have never read about a heroine quite like her. She is strong, brave, but she’s another thing, too … she’s arrogant. And yes, her arrogance made me want to strangle her sometimes but it’s what set her apart from other characters in other books.

The world set up by Ms. Maas was thought provoking and enigmatic. For the most part, Celaena’s past is shrouded in mystery. We first meet our heroine as she’s rotting away in a prison work camp. How curious. She is being escorting to the throne room to meet the prince himself by the Captain of the Guard, whose name is Chaol Westfall. The prince gives Celaena two options: she can come to the glass palace with him and compete in a competition to become his champion, or she can remain in the prison work camp and rot away for the rest of her life.

Hard choice, right?

Celaena goes with the prince, of course, and competes in his little competition, but things begin to get a little tricky when the other contestants begin to show up dead, and Celaena, for once, is facing an opponent she may not be able to defeat! In this heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat sitting, entrancing, beautiful novel, Celaena will have to throw everything she has into this competition. But it’s not just about her freedom anymore …. it’s about her life.

During the competitions, Celaena finds that the competitors are suddenly dying off. No, not dying. They’re being brutally and horrifically murdered. And she’s a competitor. Her future’s looking bright.

The romance in the book was perfect because there was very little! While I think romance is very necessary in books, I love the YA novels that ensure that the romance is not the whole focus of the book. This is the perfect example of the perfect romance.

Okay, so the characters.

Celaena Sardothien:

As you already know, I am very pleased with Celaena’s character. She is unique, to say the least. Her arrogance can be a little annoying at times and it certainly gets her into trouble but it distinguishes her from every other female heroine!

Celaena’s strength and will are all that keep her going throughout the competition, even when all odds are against her. Celaena is stubborn and hard-headed, which is amazing.

Yeah, I’ve got no complaints about Celaena.

Prince Dorian:

Okay, so the prince …

I am very sad to say that Prince Dorian is a very underdeveloped character and he does not become developed until Book Two of the series. Prince Dorian is lacking and yet he is the main focus of Celaena’s love in the first book.

Prince Dorian is absolutely beautiful, if what the book says is accurate. He has black hair and blue eyes, which normally ensnares me immediately. However, the prince did not capture my heart as quickly as he captured Celaena’s. And he certainly doesn’t have my heart now.


In Throne of Glass, we see and hear very little from Prince Dorian. Ms. Maas almost makes you dislike him. He flirts with Celaena when he wants to then leaves and doesn’t see her until she’s beaten bloodied by one of her opponents. Even then it’s Chaol who has to step in to intervene because the prince won’t. Some love.

The prince is quite without any personality. He is formal, regal, rigid, and flirtatious. How do those attributes go together? Don’t ask me. Why is he the main love interest in Throne of Glass? Another real puzzler.

Chaol Westfall:

I doubt, by this point, you have any question where my heart lies in this book.

Chaol Westfall, in the beginning, is harsh and cruel to Celaena. Obviously it is because she is an assassin and he doesn’t trust her. Chaol is often disgusted by her simply because she has killed so many people and doesn’t seem remorseful about it. His personality, somehow, was endearing. I know what you’re thinking!


But I’m not.

At least, I don’t think I am.

There is just something about Chaol Westfall that grabs my attention. There is no insta-love between Celaena and Chaol, which I appreciate.

Chaol, in the end, comes around and is somewhat nice to Celaena. He makes an effort. Actually, it would seem that he’d been making an effort the entire time! He was just making an effort to dislike Celaena. By the end of the book, you have a hint of his true feelings. But barely anything.

By the end of the book, I was ready to read the second one. And maybe the third one too.

Yeah, well done, Ms. Maas. You’ve hooked me. Feeling good about yourself yet?

Probably not much of an accomplishment. I’m an avid reader.

All in all, Throne of Glass was an excellent read with minor weird elements. I would recommend this book to all fantasy fans!

So go read! Enjoy! If you’re anything like me, I know you will.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?


  1. We are divided upon the romance choices, I see 🙂 hehehe
    The romance is cut down on quite a bit in the third book, heir of Fire. It’s mostly awesomeness-slash-friendly-love-hate thing.


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