The Selection by Kiera Cass

Screen_shot_2012-03-13_at_11.30.04_AMAmerica Singer, a beautiful, red-haired girl from a small town in the new USA known as Illéa, wants nothing to do with the petty game called the Selection. Whenever a prince comes of age, several girls from Illéa are chosen to come to the palace for however weeks/months it takes for the prince to choose a bride. Young Miss America Singer does not see a charming prince or a crystal palace in her future. Of course, when her mother insists she enters, America is drawn into the competition.

There is only one problem.

America has a boyfriend. A loving, caring boyfriend that makes her head spin. Unfortunately, said boyfriend breaks up with her just before she is chosen to go to the palace. By this point, reconciliation is pointless. But I think we’re all glad Aspen (ex-boyfriend) broke up with her because without this painful break up, America may never have met and fallen in love with Prince Maxon!

Okay, so here’s the deal.

The Selection was an absolutely beautiful novel that kept me intrigued from cover to cover ― and the covers are gorgeous, too, so literally cover to cover! America’s hot, fiery personality was funny and exciting, albeit a little unrealistic (who goes to a palace and addresses the prince like some servant?? Disrespectful and I figured it’d get her killed but oh well). I think the characters were excellent and deep enough to get involved with them.

Now, I must say, The Selection had its moments of, “Really? Really?”. I believe Ms. Cass wanted to bring in some element of adventure, some suspense, so a rebel force is thrown in. Honestly, I appreciate the attempt at adventure and danger but it just didn’t seem to fit well in the story, to me, anyway. The rebel attacks were few and far between and it seemed like something Ms. Cass threw in there because she felt the romance was too weak to hold the viewer. Normally, I would have loved that some element of excitement was added to a romance novel but I didn’t care for it in this book. I think the witty characters, hostile women, and charming men are enough to keep the reader interested.

I was very surprised that I liked this book! Romance isn’t my thing and while yes America is in a dystopian world, it is more romance than anything else. No graphic scenes or terrible language, just an easy love story.

One of my favorite things about this book was the depth of the characters! Oh, they made me mad! And happy, and sad, and almost crying. I think I did almost cry at one point but don’t tell anyone.

For some reason, I was totally Team Maxon. Any other book and I would’ve been Team Aspen all the way ― just because of his personality ― but for some odd reason I preferred Maxon over Aspen and it drove me crazy when Aspen came to the palace as *surprise!* a guard (Don’t worry, that’s not a teaser, they tell you that in the book synopsis, I think) and totally tried to make America fall in love with him again.

My reaction:


Aspen broke up with America then wants her back? Sorry, buddy. That doesn’t happen in the real world unless that girl is Taylor Swift.

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve read the book (I’ve read it multiple times, actually! <3) so I’m not going to do a character breakdown like I normally do but I’ll summarize them quickly!

  • America ― Strong, beautiful, hostile, compassionate, stubborn …. untrustworthy, unfortunately
  • Maxon ― Handsome, athletic, kind, love-with-all-his-heart (think Peeta from the Hunger Games), but very regal and knows how to get people back in line, which makes him different from the other princes that let everyone walk all over them
  • Aspen ― Stubborn, selfless, thinking, patient

So there’s your short character breakdown. I urge you to read the books if you are a fan of just straight up

Maxon to America
Maxon to America

romance because believe me, the whole rebel thing was too weak (until the last book) to really make an impact on me.

Surprisingly, I loved the book and still read the trilogy to this day! Ms. Cass has another wonderful book coming out soon and I’ll be the first one to snatch it off the shelves 😉 If you get elbowed out of a line for the book, you’ll know who it is.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?


  1. I’ve seen The Selection on a couple other blogs I read, but never a review. Sounds like a good book. 🙂 I’ve looked for it at my library, but they only seem to have the third one. *sulking* Silly library.


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