The End of Days Book Cover and More



And so is an except of the book! Agh, I’m dying here, can’t you tell? How is it fair that I have to wait a whole 4 months until I get to read the book? And that except? Ugh. Killing me here. I have listed the link for there excerpt beneath the cover photo for Ms. Susan Ee’s newest and final book in the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the fabulous Ms. Susan Ee’s The End of Days book cover and except link:


And since I know how much you want to read the excerpt, here it is:

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” rasps Beliel. “You think you’re so special. Special enough to catch an archangel’s love.”
He makes a dry, rattling noise that I think must be a laugh.
“Do you know how many people have thought they could win his love over the centuries? That he’d be loyal to them just as they were loyal to him?”
I know I should ignore him. Nothing he says can be trusted. I know that. But curiosity burns through me anyway.
I turn and lean on the porch railing. “What do you know about him?”
“You want to know how many Daughters of Men he’s gone through? How many hearts do you think have shattered over Raphael, the great archangel?”
“You’re telling me he’s a heartbreaker.”
“I’m telling you he’s heartless.”
“You’re going to tell me that he did you wrong? That you don’t deserve to be chained up like a rabid animal?”
“He’s not a good guy, your angel. None of them are.”
“Thanks for the warning.” I turn to go back into the house.
“You don’t believe me. I can show you.” He says these words quietly like it doesn’t matter to him whether I believe him or not.
I pause at the doorstep.
“I’m not a big fan of creepy guys offering to show me anything.”
“That sword you carry around hidden under the stuffed animal,” he says, “it can do more than just look shiny. It can show you things.”
I get goosebumps. How does he know?
“I can show you what I experienced at the hands of that archangel you’re so enamored with. We just both need to be touching the sword.”
I turn back toward him. “I’m not stupid enough to give you my sword.”
“You don’t need to give it to me. You can hold it while I just touch it.”
I look at him to see if there are any tricks. “Why should I risk losing my sword just to see if you’re telling the truth?”
“There is no risk. The sword will not allow me to lift it or to take it from you.” He’s talking to me like I’m an idiot. “It’ll be perfectly safe for you.”
I envision myself being in a memory trance within easy reach of Beliel. “Thanks, but no.”
“Not stupid.”
“You can tie my hands, chain me, bag me, put me in a cage. Do whatever you like to ensure your safety from an old demon who can’t even get up on his own anymore. Once you do that, you know the sword won’t allow me to take it, so you’ll be perfectly safe.”
I stare at him, trying to see through his game.
“Are you really afraid of me harming you?” he asks. “Or maybe you just don’t want to know the truth about your precious archangel? He’s not what he seems. He’s a liar and a betrayer, and I can prove it. The sword won’t let me lie―it doesn’t pass on pretty words. Just memories.”
I hesitate. I should be turning around to leave, and he knows it. I should be ignoring everything he says.
But instead, I stand rooted to the porch.


Eerie, right? If you’ve read the other two books, you are well aware of who Beliel is. If not, go read the books because I won’t remind you!

As I’m sure you all are painfully aware, I am a bit overexcited about this book and if I continue to dwell on it, I’ll never be sane again. Therefore, I have come up with a foolproof plan to avoid thinking about the long months and painful hours I must wait before the book comes out! Or, at least, a plan that will keep me from thinking about the book for the next ten minutes. And that plan? I’m going to introduce you to a new friend!

Mariz Dela Cruz of Slice of Reads book reviewing blog.

Welcome, welcome, young, Ms. Mariz!

Mariz is a fellow book reviewer who happens to be a little younger than me and yet has a totally rock’n site! And, guess what else guys? SHE DOES GIVEAWAYS! Who thinks I should be doing giveaways?


On another and final note, I was listed by the Book Blogger List a few days ago! That’s cool right? Actually, I’m not sure if I should be promoting that or not. For all I know, the Book Blogger List isn’t exactly the best place to be listed under …

Well, now you’ve seen the cover and hopefully read the excerpt (because it’s fan-flipping-tastic) so I’m gonna bail and go finish reading Until Midnight so I can give you those detailed reviews on Alienated and Invaded that I promised you!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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