Xoe by Sarah C. Roethle

7303250Happy Sunday, fellow book enthusiasts! On my last post, I informed you that I intended to read Xoe: Or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! over the weekend and read it I did. If you read my Factual Friday post then you are aware that I had both high and low expectations for this book by Ms. Roethle. I was very hesitant about it because of the whole vampires and werewolves thing but a little excited about the demon thing and the fact that the book had a very intriguing cover! Oh, and the whole parallel to the Wizard of Oz thing. I like the classic tales 😉

So, I started reading Xoe and am sad to say that I instantly developed a hatred of the female lead, which isn’t good. Normally, you want to love the lead from the very beginning. Xoe herself reminds me far too much of Bella from the Twilight series and people, I hated Twilight so the instant similarities made me very uneasy. But I persevered because still … the cover, people. The cover. And all the other good stuff I mentioned!

As I have said before in other blog posts, I don’t like to bash authors for their styles of writing so I won’t. Each author has a particular writing style and each reader has a preferred reading style. I happen to dislike the style of writing used in Xoe, but you may love it! I was unaccustomed to the lack of real dialogue and what really annoyed me was that the first male lead, Dan, was introduced to the group of girls but had no real dialogue. Even though Ms. Roethle explained that Dan was talking, you never saw the telltale quotations! I think the first time Dan actually spoke was on Page 30, when he was introduced into the storyline at Page 7! He was just like the silent, stereotypical creeper up until Page 30 and even then he was the silent, stereotypical creeper. But as I said before, not going to bash! All I will say is that Ms. Roethle’s story of writing was not my favorite.

Going back to what I had said about the character Xoe, she was bland. She hated school, she hated her boring life, she was a self-acclaimed pessimist and was perfectly fine with that (and I love pessimists! When they’re logical and thinking and not totally goth-ish and sullen …). Xoe seemed like the kind of girl ready to end her life at any moment.

Sound familiar?


The similarities between Xoe and Bella from Twilight were pretty significant, other than the fact that Xoe hadn’t moved from her longtime home into a new house with her estranged father. I felt that the first Xoe book was a been there, done that, sort of thing. It isn’t that I didn’t like the book, because it seems to have a pretty good story line, it’s just one I have read before. And

Anyone else dying to read?
Anyone else dying to read?

sometimes the repeats and the classics? They’re fantastic. Anyone read Cinder recently? It’s a repeat of Cinderella! And the Crimson Bound book to come out May 5th? Total Little Red Riding Hood thing! But that’s all good and OK. I guess I just didn’t appreciate the similarities because I never liked the Twilight books or movies.

Unless you loved the Twilight books and happen to adore books about wolves and vampires and things like that (which I don’t), then I can’t suggest this book to you.

Well, unfortunately, guys, that’s about the extent of the review I can do on Xoe. To be honest, I kind of had to speed-read to get through it even the first half this week and finish Until Midnight, WHICH I DID FINISH BY THE WAY.

I am sad to say I will not be continuing the series. The first half was painful enough for me to read and I haven’t even finished the whole book so the rest of the series won’t be read by me in the near future.

So if you have made it to the bottom of this review and are still totally confused about the Xoe book … you and me both! Wish I could tell you I knew what I was talking about when it comes to Xoe

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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