End of Days (SHORT REVIEW)

Today has been a good day.

To start it all out, I got to sleep in. Why? Because I finished school way early and have been able to sleep in for the past couple of weeks. It’s been great.

Then, I got to spend most of the morning working on my book and, guys, I’m very excited about it.

After that, I got to go to my wonderful father’s office to pick him up and, guess what, there was a bowl of chocolates there! Oh, they’re so wonderful. Dad’s secretary is very thoughtful. Thanks, Tabitha!

Around 2:30 P.M., when I got home, I was able to spend time over FaceTime with the co-writer for the script of our upcoming film and we got tons done, so that’s only extremely exciting.

It wasn’t until about 7 or 8 o’clock this evening that my cool dad came upstairs and asked if I was off the FaceTime call with the co-writer. After I told him I was, he said, “Good, because I knew you’d scream into the microphone when I handed you this.” And then he proceeded to hand me the beautiful, beautiful copy of End of Days. You know, the book I’ve been freaking out about for the past … well, I actually don’t remember how long I’ve been waiting for End of Days to come out. It’s been at least a year.

At least.

The wait has been agonizing.

So how am I managing to be very controlled and calm as I write you this review, after a year of waiting for this book to come out? The answer is simple. Sleep depravation. I’ve been reading this book since the second my awesome dad handed it to me, and seeing as though I was up late, late, late last night working on the book I’m writing, I have little sleep to function on.

I’m officially the cruelest person in the entire world. Why? Because I’m not really going to give you a review of end-of-daysEnd of Days! Ha! I lied on the title! I’m just going to brag that I have it in my hands and that I get to cradle it all night while I sleep!

Just joking. That’s not why I’m writing to you. I’m writing to you because you deserve to be the first people to know that I have finished the book and have a stellar review in the makings! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you’re looking at it), I am far too excited about this book to be able to portray my feelings through this computer, so I’ll have to do my full review tomorrow. For now, all you need to know is this:

I have never been so proud to be a Daughter of Man.

Penryn is amazing.

Raffe is a gorgeous character (not just in appearance, guys, I’m not that shallow!)

This book made me get more excited than any book I have ever read.

There were so many times in this book where I was so, so, so pumped to be human, so proud to be humanly flawed, and so proud to call some (SOME, guys, not all of the characters in this book were savory!) of the people in this book my fellow humans!

I never cried in this book, not even once. It surprised me a little because of all the books I have ever read, the series Angelfall made me feel the most. But at the same time, I wasn’t extremely surprised because Angelfall and World After never brought me to tears.

HOWEVER: This book did make me sad. I was heartbroken for one of the characters near the end of the book. He was forced to stay behind while his brothers flew off into the distance without him, leaving him in a literal Hell.

Something I’ll discuss in my lengthy video review tomorrow will be my slight annoyance at the lack of real Biblical truths within the book. Sure, there are plenty of areas where everything Ms. Ee writes about is backed up by Scripture but there are also areas that total go against everything I believe.  ***SPOILER*** Like, Raffe calling on a demon at the end? That doesn’t sit well with me. An angel should never make a deal with a demon. That doesn’t work.

In a lot of books, I’m totally fine with a lack of Biblical principals and Scriptural truths (as you have clearly seen if you have taken notice of my reading choices) but in a book where the Bible and Scriptures are so heavily relied upon, I would prefer them to be accurate!

Penryn’s character was so awesome. She was hilarious in some moments, tough in others, sensitive in some, and every now and then she would do something so embarrassing that my cheeks colored! The first seven chapters … they’re realreal hard to read.

I mean, really hard.

Several times within the first few chapters, I nearly jumped through the pages of the book to say to Penryn:


But Penryn’s awkwardness was funny at times ― a lot of times. Her attempts at flirting were comical and they get no better as the story progresses. I can’t imagine what Penryn would be like if she weren’t living in a post-apocalypic world ruled by avenging angels. How would she flirt with regular boys? Right now, she’s stuck saying:


And it totally works for her. That’s the good thing!

Okay, I’m saying way more than I’d planned on saying in the beginning, so I’m closing with this:


That being said, I will let you good readers get some sleep. I’m verging on lunacy at the moment so I’ll gather my thoughts in an attempt to give you a semi-coherent review tomorrow!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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