The Heir by Kiera Cass

Wow, long time, no see, right?

Sorry for my long absence ― I’ve been state hopping again ― but I’m sure you all filled your time away from reading my posts with lots of books! At least, I hope!

Well, for those of you who thought that The One would be the last book we saw from dear Ms. Cass, you were wrong! But I was in the same boat with you so I can’t talk. I also can’t believe that I never gave my review of The Elite and The One on my blog! How selfish of me. I’ll make sure I get to them soon, though! I know I’m sort of going out of order here by reviewing The Heir first but I’m just so excited! This is my first time being back in front of my computer so even though I read The Heir the day it came out, I’m only now being able to share my feelings on it! So please forgive my out-of-orderness and excuse any rambling I do because The Heir is just so amazing I’m having a hard time containing my excitement.

Okay, wow, so where to start? I guess the beginning is as good a place as ever. But before you read my review, please note that yes, I am going out of order, so there will be spoilers in this review! If you haven’t read The Elite and The One, you might consider reading those before you read my review of The Heir.

From the author that brought us the incredible love story of America Singer and Maxon Schreave, Ms. Kiera Cass has returned to offer us another book, and the promise of the continuation of The Selection series! In the The-Heir_612x925newest book of the series, America’s dream has come true and she has, indeed, married Maxon, but if you’ve read The One, you already know that.

This story doesn’t follow America. As you’ve probably guessed, we now follow her lovely daughter, Eadlyn, who has been prepped to be the first queen to rule on her own in history! Big title, right? There are millions of people looking to her and Eadlyn is ready to take on the crown, but trouble is stirring. After the castes were dissolved, the people who weren’t being treated fairly began to riot. Now a tired Maxon must deal with a country at war with itself. And how does he plan to unite the country?

Another Selection.

Eadlyn has been told she’ll never have to go through a Selection. She’s been told she’ll never be married off to some foreign prince to solidify an ally. So when Maxon and America ask their 18-year-old daughter if she will host a Selection ― and be the prize, mind you ― Eadlyn is outraged. And it takes quite a bit of coaxing for Eadlyn to participate. But she doesn’t plan to participate the way Maxon wants her to, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Because Eadlyn is strong, arrogant, and even a bit snobby at times, she is willing to do whatever she has to to avoid being married to someone that will only hold her down ― especially if she doesn’t love that someone.

So, that was quite a rough summary but you’re picking up what I’m laying down, right?

Before I go into some long thing about how much I loved the characters and the relationships, let me just give you a little background into my Kiera Cass history.

I love her. I love her writing. I love her storytelling. I love her characters. I love her wit. I love her charm. I love her ability to make you loathe someone. I love her ability to draw you into the story. And I loved that her series was over!

Why, you ask, would I ever be glad that her series was over if I love her books so much? Well, because I’d reasoned, “At least I don’t have to wait agonizingly long for her books, anymore!” Because waiting for The One was painful. As I’ll explain in great detail in that review, I received the eBook the day it came out and literally stayed up all night reading it. It came in at about 1 o’clock in the morning, maybe a little closer to 2, and I finished reading the book at 6 o’clock the next morning. I was delirious from reading all night but it was worth it! Because I’d waited for so long to read the end of the series!

And now she throws another book at me and is like:

“Here! Read this! You’ll love it! And then you’ll have to wait who-knows-how-long until the next book comes out!” [Insert Kiera’s maniacal laugh]

How cruel of you, Ms. Cass. How unbelievably cruel.

But at the same time, yay. Because now I get to continue reading the series. I’ll just have to find other books to read until Kiera’s next book comes out … It’s a sad day.


…. I think that’s a good way to start this section. First of all, please go back up and look at that cover again, maybe check out the font? Look at the colors? At the gorgeous model and that stunning dress?

Never mind. Just look at it here. It’s pretty enough to be on the page twice.The-Heir_612x925

Go ahead. Gawk at it. I won’t judge. I sat and stared at it for a while, too. You know what the one shame is? Out of all those gorgeous covers with pictures of America and now Eadlyn, we never get to see a gorgeous cover with Maxon on it!

Ms. Cass, if I may ask one favor of you, if you ever deign to read this, please put Eadlyn’s love interest on one of the book covers! It’s too late for Maxon, I know, and I’ll shed a tear for that later, but it’s not too late for Kile, or Ean, or Henri, or Hale. Preferably Kile but ya know, whatever works for you.

So, if you’ve finished gawking at the book cover, we can go ahead and move onto the characters. And since we’ve just finished looking at Eadlyn and that gorgeous dress, I guess we might as well start off our character section with Her Royal Highness (because she’s not a “Majesty” yet).

Eadlyn: Wow. What an amazing character. Ms. Cass perfectly blends what you would imagine a princess/queen-to-be to behave like and how America and Maxon, those sweet souls, would try to raise their children! Eadlyn has all the arrogance and snobbery that comes with being a child of a king and all the grace and poise of America. She knows how to properly hold herself and has been groomed to be the perfect queen, but she’s definitely spoiled. She’s definitely snobby at times. She is proud of her accomplishments and won’t take no for an answer. You lay a hand on her when you’re not supposed to and things get messy.

She knows who she is.

Eadlyn has a sweet personality, though. She looks out for her younger siblings and she especially cares about her twin brother, Ahren. To a fault. These twins have a special relationship and Eadlyn even refers to their relationship as a bond every now and then. Whether it’s a bond formed in the womb or just a great-minds-think-alike sort of thing, they definitely have the twin thing working for them. It’s a cool perspective. I thought it made Eadlyn seem more real.

Eadlyn’s relationships with the boys in the Selection are more than pretty good. She has a dry sense of humor and a snarky personality which makes every relationship interesting, but above all else I love her strange relationship with the boy she hates in the beginning.

Kile Woodwork: For those of you who recognize his last name, yes there was a Woodwork in the previous books. Woodwork was the last name of the soldier Marlee fell in love with. Now, Marlee and Officer Woodwork live in the palace with America and Maxon, their children, Josie and Kile, growing up alongside Eadlyn.

Kile is a total bookwork. He dreams of leaving the palace and traveling, building architectural designs, and just seeing things, but his protective mother doesn’t want him to leave. Kile and Eadlyn don’t get along. Actually, that’s an understatement. They hate each other. Eadlyn would tell you that Kile wasn’t as bad as Josie, but he was certainly annoying. Like Kile, she can’t wait for him to leave the palace.

But that won’t be happening anytime soon. Because Kile’s name is drawn in the Selection, ensuring that he stays at the palace. How did his name get in there? Who knows? Kile swears he didn’t put his name in. But would Josie do it? Ugh, I don’t know! Is it possible that this has something to do with the larger plot? Who put Kile’s name in? I might totally be making a big deal about nothing and maybe Kiera felt like it’d been properly explained in the book but I just never got it.

Kile is annoyed to be in the Selection and wants nothing to do with Eadlyn. He’s already determined that he’s going to leave the palace and the Selection is only prolonging his required time spent there. But Eadlyn worked out a deal with Maxon to agree that if any of the Selected wanted to leave, they were free to do so of their own volition. So why does Kile stay?

Ugh, I probably shouldn’t spoil anything about The Heir because it’s so good you have to read it yourself but … OH, I CAN’T HELP IT!

***SPOILER ALERT! DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH!*** Okay, so Eadlyn needs to give the public something because she’s already come across as standoffish to the TV crews surrounding the boys’ attempts to get her to notice them, and since this whole thing is supposed to be a distraction from the riots, Eadlyn needs to capture people’s attention. So what does she decide on? A kiss. Just one little kiss. And who is the only person she thinks won’t take it seriously and knows will just think of it as a business proposition? Kile Woodwork, *wink, wink*. ***SPOILER OVER!***

Kile and Eadlyn’s relationship is so interesting and so real for some reason. There’s just … I don’t know. Ms. Cass did an excellent job forming this relationship.

Since there’s no way for me to go through all the boys in the Selection, let me just give you a brief rundown of my favorites!

Henri is the shy and boyish young man that doesn’t speak English! I don’t actually remember if he came from Swendway or if he just speaks that language because he lives in a Swendway village inside Illéa. He’s adorable.

Ean is a strange character. He’s absolutely charming, handsome, collected, and everything a prince should be. But he doesn’t really love Eadlyn. He tells her he is willing to offer her a deal. He’ll marry her and there will never have to be any emotional or romantic attachment. He’ll stay out of her way and let her do what she wants. And he seems to genuinely care about Eadlyn, even if he doesn’t love her. So, sinister? Maybe… I don’t know.

Hale is sort of your boy-next-door kind of guy. He’s kind and inquisitive, which is why Eadlyn avoids him. She doesn’t want her secrets being revealed and Hale threatens to pull her walls down every time she’s around him.

So there’s the lowdown of my favorite boys, and since you already got Kile’s personality and role in depth, I think that’s enough boy talk! Time for my least favorite character of the book.


I’m very impressed, Ms. Cass. You managed to make me hate Celeste in The Selection and now you’ve managed to make me loathe Josie! So, I think, while you can create some absolutely astounding characters, you have a knack for creating characters I despise!

Josie is a 15-year-old witch. Not really a witch, but I’m not a fan of foul language so it’s the strongest word I’m going to use to describe her.

Josie, that little witch.

Josie is absolutely obnoxious. She thinks she is a princess, just like Eadlyn, and drags her friends around to Selection parties and things like that to prove it. She prances about wearing Eadlyn’s crowns and even flirts with Ahren! How dare she? Who does Josie think she is?


Ugh! And it’s like Eadlyn doesn’t think America, her mother, will believe her if she told her what a little devil Josie is! So she doesn’t tell her mom how awful she is! She doesn’t even tell Josie’s mom, Marlee! I guess she doesn’t want to be caught complaining about Josie. She feels like she can handle it herself.

And handle it she does.

I love Eadlyn.

The Heir was full of hilarious moments, tear-jerking moments, heartbreaking moments, romantic moments, sweet moments, fearful moments, and … every kind of moment you can think of! Kiera Cass is probably one of the best authors I’ve ever seen or read the works of. Her characters are versatile and her storylines are so incredible. From The Siren (which I will review later) to The Heir, Ms. Cass never fails to amaze me. I patiently ― jk, not patiently at all ― await your next book, Ms. Cass!

P.S., if you don’t mind, can I just sit over your shoulder and read as you type? I won’t be any trouble, I promise. You might notice food from your pantry missing every once in a while but I’d pay you back. I could just be a fly on the wall and just … you know … watch.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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