INTERVIEW: Taylor Dawn, author of SAVING LONDON

saving-london-coverWell, hello, hello, hello! Happy early Memorial Day! Go Red, White, and Blue!

A few days ago, I promised you an interview with Taylor Dawn of Saving London and I have returned with the interview! Aren’t you proud of me? Ms. Dawn was kind enough to provide me with some much needed answers and maybe even a few glimpses into the future!

Without further ado, Ms. Dawn, everybody!

Ms. Taylor Dawn (Image via Amazon)

What prompted you to write this story?

“Saving London was based on my own bucket list. I was lying in bed one night and came up with this idea of having only a year to complete it. I sat up, grabbed my laptop and began to write the story.”

Why name your male lead Adam? Is there a reason behind it?

“The name Adam means ‘earth’. He was the first man created. To me, the name Adam holds not only strength, but a type of innocence as well. I don’t name my characters just on a whim, I make sure the names fit them and Adam was a no-brainer for my main guy.”

What resource did you use to look into angels? How would you say Adam relates to angels in the Christian Bible?

“Of course there will always be some dispute between Christians and many other religions about the existence of Angels. I am a Christian. I used the Bible as a resource along with a few books from the library about angels. There’s so much speculation about this subject but in writing fiction I tried to mix fact with fictitious elements.”

Is there going to be a book two? And if so, will we see more of Adam in it, or does he just disappear?

“I suppose I wasn’t getting away with this being a stand-alone book was I? Just so happens that even before Saving London was finished, the follow-up book was being started. I don’t want to divulge too much info, because a girl does have to have her secrets. But book 2 is about Adam. It’s from his perspective. It isn’t his perspective during the year he’s with London though. So you’ll have to stay tuned for more info. We have already been discussing the cover for the second book as well and let me tell you…it’s gonna be amazing.”

What sources did you use for information? Did you hire someone to look into location information for you or did you do it yourself?

“Some of the locations in Saving London I have been privileged enough to visit. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous editor who had visited the ones I had not. For the ones that we hadn’t been to, I again checked out stacks of travel books from the library to research those locations. But someday I’ll visit them too.”

What’s your inspiration for London’s saucy attitude? Or, rather, who was your inspiration?

I love this question. I’ve been completely honest with everyone thus far about the answer and will do the same here. London is based on myself. The sassy comebacks, the attitude, that’s all me. I’ve never based a character off of myself and it was fun to do it this time. I felt a sense of freedom in being able to do so. Some will love London, and some will hate her. I don’t take offense to that fact at all. She’s an awesome character because she’s me.

What would you say was your favorite part of writing this book? Editing? Reading it for the first time? Seeing the cover?

“The actual writing and researching was probably my favorite about this book. It was the most fun I’ve had while writing a book. Second favorite was seeing the cover for the first time. Scott Deyett (my designer) took on this project last minute. I gave him only a few days, some ideas and said ‘there ya go’. I literally cried when I saw this cover. It was better than I could’ve ever expected. I’m blessed to have such a work of art surrounding my words.”

What would you say is your favorite scene of the book? What did you enjoy reading/ writing the most?

“My favorite would have to be the scene where London decides that she is ‘not a banana’. I giggle every time I read that part.”

In what area of Saving London did you struggle the most? (It can be a scene or a part of the publishing process.)

“The biggest struggle was trying to figure out which genre this book belonged in. I’d never read or written Urban Fantasy before. So I had the beginnings of a book that confused the heck out of me.”

How long did it take for Saving London to come out of your head and onto paper? From concept to the final draft and finished product?

“I began writing Saving London in November of 2014. It took me some time to finish the book because life seemed to knock me out of the way several times.”

If readers were to take one thing away from Saving London, what would you want it to be?

“I want them to realize that life is so short, be thankful for the things and people around you. It could all be taken away in the blink of an eye.”

I loved that Saving London had little to no strong language. Did you make it this way for your niece Haleigh you spoke of in the dedication?

“Haleigh was the main reason for no strong language. Readers will find that there are zero curse words in this book. I felt like I didn’t need to hide behind that type of language in Saving London. It didn’t need those types of words to make a good story.”

What is your hope for Saving London? Is the plan to send it to bookstores?

“World domination? Can I say that? LOL. I just want people to read this book and take something away from it. It doesn’t have to be a bestseller. The person I wrote it for adores it and that is a win for me.”

Do you have other stories in mind that you are ready to start writing?

“My brain is always abuzz with new ideas. Finding the time to get them on paper is a problem though. But I will keep plugging away until I get them all out.”

Which author do you most admire?

“I think I admire all authors. I know firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to make a book possible. Anyone who pushes themselves like that earns my utmost respect.”

What advice would you give aspiring authors who are trying to make it to the point you have?

“I’m not sure what point I’m at right now. But if you’re thinking about writing, think long and hard about it. If you aren’t willing to do the hard work to make things happen, then you don’t deserve to have them happen. The brain of a writer never shuts down. You will be in the checkout at the grocery store and stories will pop into your head. I’ve been known to pull off the side of the road while driving so I can write down an idea. I’ve jumped out of bed and stayed up all night to jot down ideas. If you’re willing to pour your heart out, and bleed on the pages, then by all means, write.”

Thank you, thank you, Ms. Dawn, for being generous enough to share your thoughts with us! I, for one, am excited to see what happens in Book Two and am entirely ready to see the book cover, since you seem so excited about it! I’m still conflicted on whether or not I appreciate the no romance in the book. I definitely appreciate that Ms. Dawn didn’t turn an angel into a fallen angel by making him fall in love with a human but at the same time I’m totally rooting for Adam and London! Alas, it seems it may never be. Despite London’s transformation at the end of Book One, Ms. Dawn plans to continue the series on Adam’s shoulders. I’m not sure if the story will continue or if it will backtrack and let us peek into Adam’s past. Either way, I’m excited to get to know Adam better, but I’ll always root for London and Adam. They’re pretty adorable. Even though they each think of the other as nothing more than a close sibling or cousin. And nobody wants to date their sibling/cousin. #gross.

Yes. I just hashtagged in my post. Figured I’d jump on the bandwagon for once. ONCE. Don’t expect it to happen again.

Thinking back on my interview, I wish I would have asked more questions about her personal life. Not the weird, stalkerish stuff, just the little details that make everything make more sense. I’d be curious if Taylor has ever done any of the things on London’s (and, evidently, her) bucket list. I’d want to know if Adam was based off anyone or if he was just someone she cooked up in her head. There were a million more questions I could have asked her, and probably should have, but maybe this means I’ll just get the opportunity to interview her again when the next book comes out!

If you haven’t already read Saving London, I would urge you to do so. Check out my review of the book by clicking here before you go and buy it. If it sounds interesting, go for it! I thoroughly enjoyed it and only a few things bothered me.

Before I let you go, let me inform you that I have indeed finished Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Oh, did you think I meant the book Hush, Hush?

No, I meant the Hush, Hush Saga.

That’s right, people. Since I talked to you last, I read Hush, HushCrescendoSilence, and Finale.

I’m a fast reader.

Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear my review on the books in a little bit. Just have to gather my thoughts some … you know, compose myself. I sort of, kind of, slightly adored the Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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