Death Wish by Megan Tayte

I promised you a review by Friday, so here it is!

I death-wishbusted my butt finishing Death Wish yesterday so that I could get this review to you (and Ms. Tayte’s guest review, which will come later in the day) to you by today! So you’re welcome.

I was given the ebook Death Wish under the condition that I would give an honest review of it, so here it is.

Death Wish (Ceruleans, #1) by Megan Tayte

After the death of her older sister, Scarlett goes to stay at her deceased grandparents’ home to recover. But Sienna’s death was not ordinary ― Sienna killed herself, and Scarlett is struggling to come to terms with that. It had seemed like Sienna’s normal, reckless behavior to run away from school, leaving her family behind to wonder where she is, how she is, and what is going on, but to kill herself? Scarlett was certain this was wrong. She was certain she was missing something.

To unravel the mystery of her sister’s death only months before she is to move to London to go to university, Scarlett begins to walk in her sister’s footsteps, following the surfers Sienna seemed to be with all the time up until her death. At first, Scarlett can’t believe her sister would have drowned herself in the ocean. She can’t believe that Sienna would give her life up.

That is, until she is given the opportunity as well.

Scarlett finds the sea’s pull almost irresistible, and is saved from death’s clutches by the charming, kine-hearted, blue-eyed boy named Luke Cavendish, who isn’t exactly thrilled about having to save her.

In order to get closer to the sea that stole her sister, Scarlett decides to take surfing lessons from Luke. During this time, she meets the surfers that her sister spent most of her time with ― including a surfer boy named Jude.

Jude is dark and mysterious and terrifies Scarlett at times, but he seems to know more about her sister than anyone else. As Scarlett begins to unravel the mystery that led to the death of her older sister, she begins to learn things she feels she could have lived without, and a whole new world suddenly opens up to her.


By this point, most of you know my reading style. You know that I’m a fan of certain kinds of romances, and not others. You know that I like certain types of heroines, and not others. So you probably have already figured out that I was a Jude fan, not a Luke fan. You’ve probably figured out that depressed Scarlett was not my kind of heroine. And yes, you would be correct.

I felt that Death Wish had a good romance in it ― an excellent romance! ― I just hated that it was Luke and Scarlett and not Jude and Scarlett! Ms. Tayte led me to believe in the synopsis that there was going to be a love triangle (which I’m never thrilled about but I am okay with … especially if I like the two love interests and the book keeps you wondering which one the girl will choose) and that Jude was involved in said love triangle …



Hear me, readers. This is a spoiler. But I guess I should have said that before I announced that Jude isn’t a part of any love triangle. Oh, well. I figured I’d let you know just in case you were reading the book specifically for Jude! Which I wasn’t … but I was close to it

Luke was just not my kind of character. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a little crazy for the bad boys. I’d never admit that out loud, but on my blog I guess I can say that. It’s so not a good thing. I wish I could love the good boys like Luke Cavendish and Jem Carstairs from the Infernal Devices, but I don’t. I always fall for the “bad boys” like Will Herondale and Jude. They’re not even really bad boys, and I hate the term “misunderstood” because it’s so untrue. It basically gives terrible guys and girls an excuse to be … well, terrible guys and girls.

I don’t even know what I’m rambling about anymore. My point is: Jude.

Then we have Scarlett. Scarlett is witty, unique, and has an interesting personality. She is daring and thoughtful and real. I would absolutely adore her if she wasn’t always down on herself, grieving the loss of her sister throughout the entire book. I felt that for the most part of the book, we are just getting over the loss of Sienna, never really learning anything about the mystery, and that moved kind of slow for me. When we got to the actual plot line, saw the actual paranormal stuff (at about 91% of the way through the book!!) I enjoyed it much more, but up until then? It was very slow.

Scarlett’s personal growth really wasn’t of that much interest to me. I wanted to learn about Sienna. We kept getting teasers about her death here and there, and then Jude shows up and we think, “Yeah! This is our guy! He’ll tell us what happens.” and it doesn’t happen. It was very disappointing.

Something I loved about Scarlett, however, was that she could tell a killer lie.

Isn’t it about time we got a heroine that could lie and get away with it?

Okay, that sounds bad. I’m not condoning lying, but it gets annoying when I constantly see heroines in a book that can’t tell a lie to save their lives. Not a good one anyway. The conversation will go:

“Jane, did you sneak away last night and party with your friends?”

*Jane blushes profusely and looks to the ground while coughing under her breath* “No ….”

anigif_enhanced-buzz-31385-1361919556-0Scarlett, however, could lie pretty well, which I was impressed with. And she had supernatural powers. Umm … that’s also kind of cool. And I kind of love her for that. I know it’s not very original to give the heroine supernatural powers and everything (especially **SPOILER** the power to heal) but I still love heroines with magical powers. They make me happy.

So, I’ve badmouthed the book a little bit, haven’t I? I said I didn’t like the romance, I said I didn’t like the character’s “woe is me” thing, and I didn’t like that the paranormal stuff came through at the VERY END OF THE BOOK. So you’re probably thinking: She won’t read any more of Ms. Tayte’s books.

Ha! You’re wrong.

While the romance annoyed me at times, and I tried to be happy for Luke and Scarlett but failed miserably:

tumblr_inline_mqqufhharq1qbhmtmand Scarlett’s whole depressed thing bothered me to no end, and the book was painfully slow at times, I intend to continue reading the series. Why? Because I have faith in that synopsis, and when the paranormal stuff did come in, IT FREAKING KICKED BUTT. When I was almost to the end of the book, I was thinking:

Eh. It’s OKAY. It’s OKAY AT BEST. It’s too slow for me. Can I really finish it? No, I have to at least finish it.

Then Ms. Tayte whacked me upside the head with the ending.


Now I can’t stop. If I stopped now, I’d never figure out what … UGH. You get my point.

I’m currently checking out the reviews of Forget Me Not right now, which is the second book in Ms. Tayte’s series, The Ceruleans.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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