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Well, guys, it’s been quite the week at the Reid household. Actually, it’s been quite the month. Camp Deer Run has started its overnight program and this year, just like every year for the past four years, I am running the horse program. That means I’m up at 6 o’clock AM every morning, get out to Deer Run (which isn’t far from our location), catch 17 horses with the help of some of my riding lesson students, tack said horses, and take a bunch of kids who can’t even get their foot in the stirrup on trail rides! Yay! Oh, it’s so much fun. ***Cough cough, sarcasm!***

All that to say that I have been running a little behind on my blogging. Summer should be a time for photos and beaches and daydreaming in the sun, right? Yeah, not as much for me, so I apologize for being a little late when it comes to book reviews, promotions, guest posts, and other fun stuff like that. I’m sure plenty of authors are stalking my blog right now thinking, “Didn’t I give her my book to review a month ago? Where’s the review?!” 

Dear authors,

They’re coming. Your reviews are coming! They’re just taking a while to get out there!

As for the Saving London book giveaway, I know I owe you guys an answer. Young Miss Emma Chandler won the book giveaway! Hooray for Emma! Hope you enjoy it, love!

I’m sure the authors of Onyx Webb are also wondering why I haven’t posted their review yet or if I’ve read the book at all and yes I have! I’ve read the book but the review is taking forever to get out of me. Unfortunately it may be a while yet until I’m able to review it but I plan on doing a couple reviews coming up pretty soon. I have been reading plenty and I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on the books I’ve read recently with you but with Deer Run in full swing and horses running wild in every which direction while I’m trying to herd cats (AKA Deer Run campers) it’s going to be difficult to actually write reviews so be patient with me, fair readers!

Author Rival Gates recently contacted me about his book Mandrean Revenge and requested a review to promote the book but since I’ve been crazy with Deer Run and getting other reviews out there I wasn’t able to take the book. However, I was able to get Mr. Gates to do a guest post for you all! I’ll insert the guest post somewhere below but for now, let’s talk about Gates’ book, shall we?

Mandrean Revenge is the third book in Rival Gates’ series, Sapphire Chronicles. The two books released before it are: Quest for the Red Sapphire and The Sapphire Crucible, both of which sounded intriguing. Ordinarily I would have loved to have read at least one of the series (preferably the first one …) but I just don’t have the time as it is! I plan to read the first book at some point in the future, just not today.

Quest for the Red Sapphire:

General Linvin Grithinshield was used to enemies trying to kill him on the battlefields of the medieval world of Lavacia. Now he has the fear of being killed anytime, anywhere. He thinks he is summoned home from the goblin wars to oversee the family merchant empire after his father’s disappearance; and for a while he is right. Then his mother is assassinated and Linvin’s true purpose is revealed. He must seek out and find the all-powerful Red Sapphire and claim its might before the murders find it…or him. With new dangers around every turn in an ever-escalating spiral of violence, he must prove himself worthy of the gem and lead his party to success against insurmountable odds. To fail would mean death for far more than just him. The world, itself, could fall into permanent shadow and darkness.

While Quest for the Red Sapphire doesn’t seem to have an extremely unique storyline, it’s definitely your original tale of might and power! And I do so love original stories. Plus it’s a fantasy novel, which ups the wow factor for me.

The Sapphire Crucible: 

Captured! In Book 2 of the Sapphire Chronicles, Linvin and his party find themselves prisoners on the maniacal Lord Mandrean and his Necromancer. Now they must find a way to escape, find the Red Sapphire, and make it home alive. Along the way they must fight ever-growing odds of survival.

7178300_origMandrean Revenge:

It has been more than 2 years since Linvin Grithinshield returned from his life altering quest with the Red Sapphire as his prize.  His nemesis, Lord Mandrean the 13th survived their confrontation and has been plotting his reprisal.  With the help of his evil Necromancer, Mandrean kidnaps Linvin’s dear Uncle Anvar.  The emperor promises to release Anvar only after Linvin has surrendered himself for execution.  Linvin sees no other option but to set out for the empire.  He cannot delay as Anvar’s life will expire at the first frost of fall.  That will become more troubling by the obstacles he faces along the way.

So, from the sound of the blurbs there is no female heroine, no damsel in distress, or anything like that in this book, but Gates’ topic for his guest post seems to have proved my theory about his books wrong. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

As you already know, I won’t be able to review any of these books for a little while, but I have a challenge for you! If you will read one of the three books and submit a review (doesn’t matter how long it is!) I’ll make sure it gets here on my blog for everyone to read. Or, if you have already read one of the books, have written a review or are willing to write one, the same rules apply! Send it in and I’ll stick it up here with your name on it. Cool? Cool.

Now, without further ado, Mr. Gates!

The Pressure to Write Sex, Guest Post by Rival Gates

When I started writing the concept seemed so simple: you tell a story with words and people buy it. You had your protagonist, antagonist and then the secondary characters. I read classics of fantasy and science fiction as those subjects appealed to me. In those books sex was either left to the imagination after a romantic encounter or ignored completely. That was the kind of story I always envisioned.

I based my style on that because I didn’t want to write something that would make my mother blush or me embarrassed when it was read. It is said that the only constant in the world is change and that is true in the literary world as well. I’m no prude but you see sexual situations on television that weren’t there 20 years ago. My parents thought the music I listened to growing up was perverse and yet the songs my adult son listens to shock me. I read other contemporary writers in order to stay up to speed and exchange reviews. Much of what is out there has sex in it. Some is soft-core pornographic under the disguise of romance. Why is it like this? If it didn’t sell, then people wouldn’t be making the shows or writing the songs and books. That’s what’s selling right now. It’s nothing new that sex sells and if I had a bar graph I’m sure the trend would just be going higher and higher. That puts the writer or composer in a tough position. Either they write about sex or risk having a commercial failure. As much as all artists love their work, they do want to get paid for it.

So the bar for sex standards in America keeps rising. Now you have thousands of artists in the same situation as me. Either they sex up their work or risk failure. I was fortunate enough to still be published writing my style but many others have received cold receptions.

There is a little romance in my books but nothing I’m embarrassed about. Many others do not have that luxury. They need something hot in order for their audience to pay attention. It’s become a sad state of affairs. Lost in the lustful ramblings are some really good stories. It’s a pity the only way you’ll get to read about them is by having two robots going at it.

Well said, Mr. Gates. I applaud you and completely agree.

As I said above, it wouldn’t seem like there’s any romance in Sapphire Chronicles but Mr. Gates says there is so I’m going to trust him on that! However, we can be pretty sure there is no female heroine that has some huge role in the series, which is a disappointment, but I’m always up for reading a good tale about a guy and his adventures. It will be a new endeavor for those of us who are used to reading about girls kicking butt, though.

If you’re interested in taking me up on my challenge, I have a few ways for you to purchase one of Rival’s books and to follow Rival along the way!


Blog: or

Check out Rival Gates on twitter at: RivalGates1

Purchase Quest for the Red Sapphire”


Barnes & Noble:

Purchase The Sapphire Crucible”


Barnes & Noble:

Purchase Mandrean Revenge”


Barnes & Noble :

Well, fair readers, that’s all I have for you today. If you are going to take me up on my challenge then please let me know! I’ll be excited to see what you guys come up with when it comes to Mr. Gates’ novels.

Enjoy your week!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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