Group Review: Onyx Webb, All American, and Ink


Sadly, it seems I am often beginning with these three words, but I’m back for real this time with my Mailbox MondaysWhat’s with Wednesdays, and Factual Fridays! Yay, I’m committed again! But before you get all mad and annoyed at me (especially you authors who have so kindly allowed me to review your work) … I can explain!

IMG_0326Good explanation, right? Gang, meet Timber, the newest member of the Reid household. Timber is an eight-week-old Belgian Malinois (basically a short-haired German Shepherd) that has ton of energy, wet kisses, and poop. Tons of poop, which I get to clean up. Fabulous. It’s okay; I love him anyway.

But that’s not all! Oh, no, no, no, that’s not all. Another reason I have been away from my computer is because I have been going through the publishing process for my upcoming novel! Yeah, I’m pretty excited. It has taken a long time to get to this place but I am finally going through the process of designing the cover. The cover and title reveal will be in November or December, depending on when the publishing process is completed. It will be up for preorder at that time as well. I am very, very excited to present this novel, especially to you guys, because if you like the books I review, chances are you’ll like the ones I write. Idk. Just a guess. For all I know you could hate it. If you do, sweet! I’m cool with hate mail!

Okay, but how about we get down to the real reason I’m blogging today, hmm?


So, I have three books to give you kind of short, kind of not reviews of today. These three books areeeeee:

  • Onyx Webb by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
  • All American by Dominic Perrone
  • Ink by Glenn Benest & Dale Pitman

So let’s get down to business, shall we?


Andrea Waltz, Author

You’ve heard me tell you once before about Ink, and maybe even Al400d33324b4639c858178d3846e0f62fl American, but I know you all watched me fangirl it out about Onyx Webb when my packet of goodies came in the mail! I was freaking out about the toe tag that came, the gorgeous mug, and don’t even get me started on the bracelet that I have worn constantly since it arrived. What an excellent marking tool! I’ve had so many people around me mention the bracelet ― the cool font, the eerie lettering … ― and I’ve been able to tell them about Onyx Webb. Before I actually read the book, I would just tell the admirers that it was a cool bracelet that came with a book I was about to start reading, then I would tell them how great the book sounded.

It all changed when I read the book.

I think my friends hate me. They probably all loathe me now that I OW-Richard-FINALhave read the book. For about a week straight, all I could talk about was Onyx Webb. You all got to see the killer synopsis earlier but before I go through my semi-quick review of Onyx Webb, let’s check it out again!

– It’s June, 1980 and piano prodigy, Juniper Cole is on the way to her senior prom.
– It’s January 2010, and Koda Mulvaney has blown through his 20 million dollar trust fund and is told by his father to return home and go to work.
– It’s August, 1904 and little Onyx Webb is on her way to the famous World’s Fair in St. Louis with her father, Catfish.
Two of the three will see a ghost, one will become a ghost and everyone will learn that life is hard to let go of even when you’re dead. A paranormal suspense, supernatural romance, with a dash of historical fiction, Onyx Webb is what author Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz have called creep-spiration. The stories may haunt you, the darkness may disturb you, but ultimately you’ll be reminded to treasure every moment of your life because… If you think life is precious now? Just wait until you’re dead.


FullSizeRenderYeah. That was my response, too.

Onyx Webb is genius! Fascinating, captivating, curious, and bizarre, Onyx Webb managed to keep me glued to its varying storylines from cover to cover! This will not be a long read, ladies and gentlemen, because as soon as you open the book you will not be able to close it. So go huddle in your reading nook, store up water bottles and plenty of chocolate, and open ‘er up. When Episode Two is released, you can bet your biscuits I’ll be reading it.


I’ll be putting the Onyx Webb site link at the bottom of the page. If you “become a fan” on their home page, you get tons of benefits! Trust me, it’s worth it.


All American was among the first books I was given to review this year. I had a long list of books that I had to 41f6fd1mOFL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_review before it, though, and somehow it got pushed to the back burner of my mind. It seemed to have a cool synopsis, though, so when I saw the book filter back through my list labeled “Books to Review,” I went, Oh, yeah! I forgot I had that one!

So, deciding better late than never, I sat down with a glass of ice water and decided to read All American. True to its title, this book is entirely all American. I don’t think you can get more American than a football player who is angered by the terrible loss on 9/11 and decides to go with his buddy and a nemesis to track down the world’s most wanted terrorist.

I also thought the cover was a cool concept! I honestly didn’t even notice the shadow until I was halfway finished with the book, which is unlike me. Normally I totally judge the whole book off its cover (which is so not a good habit to get into. Bad, Rose.)

While I think author Dominic Perrone did an amazing job with the writing (especially for a first book!) it was not my style! It’d seemed intriguing and I have read the other reviews on it and was absolutely thrilled to see that others thoroughly enjoyed the book ― were not able to put it down! ― but that just wasn’t me. The book picked up some after the third chapter and I thought overall it was a good read, just not for me. Honestly, I’m more into sci-fi, fantasy, and especially dystopia at the moment.


Banner Well, guys, I think I’ve saved the best for last. As you saw in my short review of Onyx Webb, I absolutely loved it, but words cannot describe how much I adored Ink by Glenn Benest & Dale Pitman. It wasn’t even that I loved it’s genre (horror so isn’t my thing … except for Angelfall, which wasn’t really horror) or that the characters were genius (which they kind of were …) it was just an absolutely brilliant concept! But before I continue to fangirl about it, let’s glance at the synopsis.Unknown

His studio has become his refuge and his prison—a place of boundless imagination and isolation. Brian Archer, creator of a series of successful graphic novels about a vengeful supernatural being called “The Highwayman,” has become a recluse after the adoration of a female fan turned to rage and violence.

But all that changes when he meets a renowned and beautiful illustrator, A.J. Hart, who carries emotional scars of her own. Their work together is fueled by the unrequited passion they share and a mysterious bottle of black ink that arrives one day at Brian’s doorstep.

The impossibly dark liquid has mystical properties, making their characters appear so real they eventually come to life, reigning terror on those who mean them harm and if not stopped—threatens to unleash an apocalypse on all mankind. Brian must break free of his self-imposed exile and solve the mystery that allowed these terrible creatures into the world.

Okay, so kind of a creepy synopsis, right? Yeah, the book is creepy, too, and gentle readers do not read this book at night! You have been warned. But, read the book.

Enrapturing, electrifying, spine-chilling, and enigmatic, Ink is an eerie book you will never be able to put down! You might even have to read it twice! The genius of Glenn Benest & Dale Pitman manages to create a completely mysterious story without confusing the reader to the point of boredom. The perfect combination of hair-raising and dramatic; welcome to Ink.


If you get scared easily, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. This book is not for children.

Well, guys, that’s about all the time I have for today (Wow, I sound like a newscaster) but check back on Friday to see what else is going on! Hopefully I will be able to spout another review out then. If you are interested in reading InkAll American, or Onyx Webb, you can click the buy links below!

For those of you who are as excited about the cover and title reveal of my new book that will be released soon, I am creating a page specifically for my books. When it is up you can go check it out, meet the heroine of the book, and sign up for a newsletter regarding the upcoming release to get inside information early!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?


Onyx Webb

(^ is the link to the Onyx Webb site. “Become a fan.”)

All American



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