What’s with Wednesdays? COVER AND TITLE REVEAL!

Gentle readers, the day has finally arrived. I have received the beautiful cover for my first novel that I could not be more pleased with. The book I am here to tell you about today has been only a concept in my mind for many, many years. It has been something I have toyed around with, started writing a long time ago, even got some ideas from friends and family! I did nothing with it until last year, when I decided that the concept and storyline needed to finally take form, and the character I had in my mind that didn’t even have a name at the time needed to come out.

Okay, yeah, I know. All of that sounds incredibly corny. I tell you all of that to say: Yay. I get to now show you the
cover of my book.Crownofcrimson

I kind of a little bit love it. It took plenty of time to create and work with the cover design friends of mine but I am so proud of the way it turned out!

Gah! Okay, so character time really quickly. I would like everyone to meet Aerietta Elony, the heroine of Crown of Crimson. Yeah, I know. I don’t have a picture of her or anything ― she’s a character. I hope to have some pictures done shortly, though! For the books following (yes, this is meant to be a series) I’d like to have the main characters as the cover models but we’ll see how everything plays out!

First and only rule of the Cannon: Never get caught.

When her kingdom is suddenly attacked by a neighboring country, 17-year-old assassin — and heir to the throne — Aerietta Elony is betrayed by her companions and captured by Evrallon, the kingdom laying waste to her own. Aerietta assumes she is being brought back to Evrallon to be tried for her crimes, but the king has a different proposition.

Aerietta is tasked with hunting down one of her former companions for reasons unknown to her. Should she succeed, she will be granted freedom. Should she fail, the king will have her head to boast at gatherings. But Aerietta has a bigger secret to keep than just her parentage — her abilities. Because Aerietta isn’t just any assassin princess … she is something straight out of legend.

To find her erstwhile confederate and make it back alive, she will have to fool the ever-watchful, enigmatic Swordmaster that’s been saddled with her, which proves to be more difficult than Aerietta could ever imagine. Deception abounds, danger is just as prevalent, and all truth is veiled in shadows. The Queen of Crimson accepts.

Well guys, that is all the information I can provide for now! I will be making a page for my books soon and you will be able to visit that page to learn more about Aerietta and the other mystery characters, as well as get updates.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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