New Books, New Tips, New Posts!

Well, I’m back … again. I totally dropped off the face of the Earth, I know, but I have been reading and making notes and writing and coming up with new ways to help Indie authors like myself! So I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time. So, I’d like to welcome all you readers, bloggers, writers, and just plain internet junkies back to Rose’s Reids, recently rededicated!

Book Look

Yeah, so, while I’ve been away I’ve gotten plenty of new book review requests, which means I’m going to have to hop to reading! Some of these new titles include:

Whispered Echoes by Anne Michaud

Once Upon A [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ashan (Can we please take a moment to appreciate that title?!)

Survivors Secrets by Violet Cross (Yeah, I’m kinda stoked about this one…)

Leech by Robb Neumann

And plenty more fantastic names! I’m more than excited to begin my reading. I know I haven’t given any of you a lot to go on but just know that I’m a little excited about these works.

As you may have noticed, the featured image is a photo of the three books in the Forest of Hands and Teeth book series! Yes, that’s right, I’m so thrilled to own the trilogy. I’ve already read the first two, obviously, and have just started the third but have decided to put a pause on it to read some of the new submissions I’m dying to start!

Tips and Tricks

I’m going to start posting as many little tricks as I can when it comes to Indie writing so stay tuned to learn some pretty neat things and easy shortcuts! If you’ve already got some great tips you’d like to share, tell me! I’ll give you credit for the great find 😉


Most of you are probably thinking: “If she doesn’t have time to read, how does she have time to write?” Well, writing is part of my actual job (screenwriting, anyway) so I kind of have to write, and touching up on areas of my novel proves to be a great distraction from the screenplay stuff when I’ve got terrible writers block!

For those of you wondering how the publication of my book, Crown of Crimson, is coming … it’s going phenomenally. I’ve received some epic feedback, which is always a plus, and some less-than-inspiring feedback as well, but that’s just writing for you! I’m thrilled to be able to introduce all the characters and their intricate, crazy lives, because I assure you ― no one is as they seem. No matter what you think, who you think a character is … you’re probably wrong, and you may not find out about it until the sequel.

As far as screenplay writing goes … my co-writer, Ben Davies, and I just finished our first draft of an epic new apocalyptic movie that will begin filming early 2016, so needless to say, we’re a little excited. Wish I could reveal the synopsis (or maybe even the name! *gasp*) but you know all those pesky confidentiality rules. You gotta love ’em.

For all my fair readers that have checked in multiple times, thank you for not losing faith in me! I’M STILL ALIVE. If you have a novel you’d like for me to review, please check out my Submission Policy page before doing so; I adore all your emails but would hate to waste your time if it’s so outside of my parameters that I don’t even look at it!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf? (This is a literal question, BTW … feel free to answer is at any time …)

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