What’s With Wednesdays?!

What’s with Wednesdays? Well, this Wednesday, it’s a little combination. I get to do a couple of things, including announce the release date of Crown of Crimson! The day is finally here that I get to reveal the release date and I could not be more excited!


January 22, 2016!

CrownofcrimsonThat’s right! Mark it on your calendars, people! My first novel, Crown of Crimson, will be released Friday, January 22. For those of you who are interested in reading it or checking it out further, I’ll post a link when it is up for pre-order on Amazon (if I allow it for pre-order). For those of you who are like, Eh, we don’t need to read Rose’s book. Then cool! You can skip the rest of the post, though. Trust me, there’s nothing in here you want to read about.

But for those who are excited to learn about Aerietta Elony and hear a little about her before she really even has a voice? You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I’m here to do! But first, a little synopsis:

First rule of the Cannon: Trust no one; even your shadow will leave you in darkness.

After the swift and brutal attack on her kingdom, 17-year-old assassin, Aerietta Elony, is betrayed by her companions and captured by Evrallonic forces. When she is brought before the king of Evrallon, she assumes it is to be tried and execute for her crimes against the Crown but the king has a different proposition.

Aerietta is tasked with locating and killing one of her traitor companions, Dominik Giovani, for reasons unknown to her. Should she succeed, she will be granted full pardon. Should she fail, the king will have her head to boast with at gatherings. But Aerietta has a secret to hide ― she is the heir to her fallen kingdom’s throne, which also makes her something straight out of legend, the only thing that threatens the king’s power.

To find her erstwhile confederate and make it back alive, she will have to keep the mysterious, inhuman Swordmaster in the dark, but he is hiding just as many skeletons as she is.

Deception abounds, danger is just as prevalent, all truth is veiled in dangerous shadows, but the only thing she fears is herself.

The Queen of Crimson accepts.

So, yeah. Seems like your ordinary fantasy novel, right? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’d like to think that it’s different from every other YA Fantasy novel but … yeah, never mind, I’ll just let you read it and decide!

Aerietta Elony, as you read above, is a 17-year-old assassin. She was born into royalty, the daughter of King Cress of Lydovier, but was turned over to the leader of the assassins when she was an infant. She was raised by the king’s friend to know the ways of assassins and was taught to never think of herself as a princess ― because she wasn’t. Her father wanted nothing to do with her when she was born, and he wants nothing to do with her now. All Aerietta has is the Cannon.

Why doesn’t the king want Aerietta? Well, if I told you that, it’d be a major spoiler, so no. Of course, now you’ll read the book and be like, Why didn’t she just tell us? It’s right here in the beginning. Yes, I know it’s in the beginning but it’s still a spoiler if you know … (let’s see, one … two … three …) three months before the book even comes out!

Crown of Crimson is meant to be a series but we’ll see how this first book goes. The publishing process is almost complete (Can you believe it’s taking this long?!) and I’ll be turning it over for pre-release reviews to blogger friends of mine in the next month or so. Chances are, I’ll be reposting their reviews on my blog so prepare yourself!25935777

Books I’ve Got My Nose In Currently

I figure while I’m here I may as well tell you the books I’m currently reading.

Survivors Secrets by Violet Cross

World Below by Mike Phillips51Xi8f9pfnL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_

Once Upon A [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ahsan

Well, guys, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Hope this What’s With Wednesdays wasn’t a complete 12112414_866821803433516_8960281539082432710_ndisappointment. Check back in this Friday for a possible review!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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