Survivors: Secrets by Violet Cross

Hello, hello, hello! Long time no see, right? I promised you my next review was going to be on Survivors: Secrets by Violet Cross and I’m trying to follow through with that, though it’s been quite the struggle! What to know what I’ve been up to these past few weeks that have made me completely vanish from the realm of blogging? Check out my next post! I’ll be explaining why I’ve been gone, what I’ve been doing, and why I’m very excited to bring this information to you FIRST. For now, though, let’s focus on the book I promised I’d bring you something like four weeks ago, yeah?

Survivors: Secrets by Violet Cross

Well, guys, I’d been looking forward to this novel ever since Ms. Cross sent it my way. I spent days, if not weeks, anticipating when I’d get to read it, but as most of you know, my schedule is pretty hectic and I was too lazy to move appointments around to make the time. Then I actually started reading it.

First off, big thanks to Violet Cross who sent me a free download of this book. Violet, I have been looking forward to this book for quite some time, and now that I’ve read it …  Well, proceed.

***SPECIAL NOTE: I feel it necessary to say beforehand that I loved Survivors: Secrets. My review is probably a little harsh, but I DID enjoy the book. It was pretty flipping brilliant. As you’ll see. Ignore my fan-girling moments please, I’ll keep them to a minimum.***

***ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTE: This book includes strong profanities. Strong caution is advised.***

Can we take a minute to appreciate this cover? It must be new because the old cover was much less captivating. Let’s all give Violet Cross a round of applause, shall we?

Let the review begin.

Lacey Young is a survivor. So is her sister, her best friend, and all the other young adults they share a hotel with now that the world has ended.

Lacey Young is a leader. That’s why when the lives of her crew and the people she loves become endangered, she must go against the odds and fight to take back what is theirs.

However, with secrets and betrayal as common as the grains of sand that smother the landscape, what once appeared to be a big problem threatens to become a tragedy. Blood is spilled, friendships are tested, and all the while the lurking threat that’s responsible for sending the world into chaos is closer than they all think.

Lacey has a secret. A secret she’s been repressing and hiding from those closest to her. It’s a secret that she knows can help save her friends and bring back some small semblance of peace.

But at what cost?

Lacey Young is one of the survivors of the apocalypse. She’s tough, strong, independent, and is just trying to survive with a group of people she now leads. When the book first starts off, we’re thrust face-first into the action, which is something I always appreciate. Who wants to go through several chapters of the character dragging their feet? That may work in movies (occasionally) but you’re not going to catch my attention as the reader by doing that. I’ll find a good book here and there that drags their feet but generally, if you jump straight into the heart-pounding, chill-inducing action, it’s gonna be one of my top favorites.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm about the action died out pretty quickly when I saw JUST HOW MANY PROFANITIES MS. CROSS USED!

Here’s one thing I’ve never been able to understand. Why do we need profanities? I get it. It’s a messed up world. I write apocalyptic books all the time, and I’m in the middle of writing an apocalyptic screenplay (I’ll explain in a later post) that will be made into a movie in 2016! I get it. It’s hard. It’s rough. I’m sure if I lived in the apocalypse, I’d cuss occasionally and kick my boots in the dirt and shoot off a thousand rounds out of my AR-15 or AK-47, depending on whether I had the American or Russian version on hand.

I’m getting off track. My point is, I understand. It’s tough. But why do we need the f*** every five sentences! We don’t need that stuff. We just don’t. It’s not necessary and it’s always been something I’ve rolled my eyes at. Swearing does not make you cool, guys … It makes you sound uneducated!

A word of advice to all my author friends: You do not need profanities. You’re not going to make the swear-happy people mad by not using them and you’re going to make the less-than-swear-happy people thrilled that you haven’t! An occasional cuss word is fine here or there, almost every book has one, but excessive language? Not attractive.

Ugh, now that that’s aside, let’s move along. Something I enjoyed about the book was the strange was Violet Cross told it. It’s sort of going backwards, saying: Roughly 24 hours earlier // Roughly 30 minutes earlier // Roughly 3 days earlier. That was pretty interesting and unique. I was intrigued again. I’ve never really seen a book that’s done that before! If you know of one, please point it out to me, because Ms. Cross’ book has made me want to read more like it! Seriously, though. I was beginning to think this book was brilliant.

… Until Lacey seemed like not-so-good a person. Yep. I get that too. In all books, our character must have a flaw, whether it’s anger management issues, they’re afraid of their own shadow, they don’t know what they’re supposed to do in life, the list goes on. No matter what it is, we need a character flaw. But here’s the thing: YOU ALSO HAVE TO LIKE THE CHARACTER.

I did not like Lacey in the first several chapters. Not in the slightest. She seemed like a tramp to me. Maybe that’s just because we jumped right into her doing some pretty sick things, didn’t understand these guys she was with and why she was with them, and etc. Don’t get me wrong, she got way better as the story went on, but Survivors: Secrets was in serious risk of losing me by the second chapter. The only reason I continued reading it, despite the profanities and the crudely portrayed character, was because I can’t stand reading a book halfway and then setting it down forever.

Like I said, Lacey’s character got so much better, and you began to understand why she did the things she did, who she was associated with, and it was all so interesting to kind of walk the storyline backwards at times! I just wish Lacey wasn’t so foul. I actually think it was pretty ironic that Violet chose to name her rough&tumble girl with a sharp tongue and crude words Lacey … I mean, isn’t there a Barbie Doll named Lacey in some Barbie movie?

I have a perfectly legitimate reason for knowing there are Barbies name Lacey … I have little cousins.

Alright, I know I’ve bashed this book a lot so far and I’m done, I promise. Now for the good stuff.

I really can’t tell you much of what I liked about the book because it’d all be major spoilers! Suffice it to say, the ending was fantastic. FANTASTIC. I can’t tell you why, but I really do like surprise endings like that. Some of you will probably cry at the end and be like, “Rose! Why did you ever tell me it was a good ending?” Well, that’s just my style.

[Slow clap for Violet Cross]

One of the things I can tell you, however, is that by the end of this book, you LOVE Lacey. What a turn around. As in, she’s among your favorite kick-butt heroines. She’s witty, quick, and knows how to defend herself but still knows her limits.

And again, the last line of that book????


Ugh, I’m fan-girling, sorry guys, I said I’d keep it to a minimum.

At the end of her book, Violet Cross says she’s been writing a sequel to Survivors: Secrets, and though I know you probably think I hate the book at this point, HEAR ME NOW. I do not. I did enjoy the book, it just was not extremely well structured at the beginning, and the profanities were a bit much for me.

Rating: R

Suggested Audience: 16+

For Fans of: DivergentHunger GamesLegendAngelfallThe Darkest Minds

Well, unfortunately that’s all I can tell you about Survivors: Secrets in good conscious, otherwise I’d spoil most of the story, and while I occasionally enjoy spoilers, I’m sure my readers don’t.

If you want to check out Violet Cross’ book, Survivors: Secrets, click the below link! She must be doing a special or something because the book is at an incredibly low price right now, so I’d suggest snatching it up before it flies off the virtual shelves! If you’re anything like me and enjoy mysterious, thought-provoking books, you’ll enjoy it. Try to tune out the language if you can, as it’s a tad much (and by tad, I mean quite a bit), but let me know what you think of the storyline and how the chapters were set up (was the concept of going backwards not brilliant?).


Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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