Mailbox Monday

Greetings from my house to yours! Sorry my posting has been so intermittent. Oh the joys of trying to juggle screenwriting, horseback riding, authoring, blogging, acting, and various boring chores. Not to mention I have to make time for friends! I’ve got a hard life, guys.

Just kidding.

Today, I get to brag about all the fun stuff I’ve been doing, give updates on the script we’re working on, the movie pre-production, my upcoming book, and, of course, all the books I’ve recently received and am reading! And since it is Mailbox Monday, I guess we’ll start with that!

One Upon a [Stolen] Time

At the moment, I am currently reading ― and am almost finished with ― the book by Samreen Ahsan. I didn’t do as much research on this book beforehand as I have in the past just because when I saw the name and the synopsis, I was totally hooked. The premise was so intriguing! A love story with one person set in 2015 and the other set in 1415? Okay, so it’s no secret I’m not a fan of just love stories. There has to be action, adventure, mystery, intrigue, twists, with a leetle bit of romance wedged into the mix, but come on! Even the title was cool!

Like I said, I didn’t do a ton of research into this book, meaning I didn’t investigate the author, look for an author’s blog, check many reviews, or anything like that, and normally I’m extremely thorough. Once I started reading the book, I was a little disappointed and decided to go check the reviews on it. I agree with some, disagree with most. I remember seeing a review that said:

Brilliantly written, masterfully worded, Ms. Ahsan can certainly write an intriguing book!

Okay, intriguing, I’ll give you that. But “brilliantly written” and “masterfully worded?” Yeah, I’m not even finished with the book but those are two phrases I would certainly not use. Then again, I am a fan of creative writing that makes you feel like you’re in the situation with the character. Honestly, so far, it seems like I’ve been watching one of my little cousin’s old Scooby-Doos where every new plot point has to be explained by the characters. (Also, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the talking dog)

I’m not going to give anything away or tell you what I think of the plot or any of that until I do the review, which will probably be sometime next week, but don’t hold me to that! I think we all know how bad I am with sticking to certain deadlines!

All I’m willing to say about Once Upon a [Stolen] Time is that I’m not a huge fan of the author’s writing technique. But I’ve totally got a type, so maybe it’s just me.

Whispered Echoes

Whispered Echoes.jpgI’m excited to announce that I get to begin reading book 1 of Whispered Echoes very soon, right when I finish Once Upon a [Stolen] Time! I have done some pretty extensive research into this one and it looks good. Definitely a professionally-made book. The cover is interesting and definitely a little creepy so I’m curious to see how this goes!

The World Below

51Xi8f9pfnL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_also get the privilege of reading Mike Phillips’ book, The World Below. At first I’d kind of hoped this was something like Angelfall because of the cover but I read more into it and sadly it is not. Oh well, I’m still thinking it’s my kind of book. It’s still there on my waiting list so the plan is to get the rest of my books read before Christmas! I’m considering whether or not to allow any more book submissions, since after the holidays I get super busy (will explain momentarily … hold your horses …).

For now, be excited that the reviews of Once Upon a [Stolen] TimeWhispered Echoes, and The World Below are underway!

Screenwriting and Movie Update

We are nearing the point where we get to officially announce the name of a movie that we are and have been working on for the past two years! Ladies and gentlemen, next time you go to the theater to watch a movie, take note that there was probably a team of screenwriters that worked on that script for two years before it ever even went to pre-production! You’ll probably be a little more tolerant of plot holes.

Screenwriting is not at all like book writing. As an author, I thought, Hey, I can jump in there and write a screenplay with a group of professionals. No problem. Just learn the lingo and write. Oh how wrong I was.

Remember when I talked about book structure and how important it is? Movie structure is even more important. I’m pretty sure there’s never been a successful movie with a horrible structure, and almost every book adaptation you see has to be restructured because they were written to fit a book structure form. It’s why the Fun & Games segment Blake Snyder talks about in his Save The Cat book was in a completely different place in the movie The Hunger Games than it was in the book.

Anyway, the point is, it’s taking forever, but we’re beginning to consider talent, speak with producers and investors, and everything is pretty much on schedule ― as much as it can be, I suppose.

Crown of Crimson Book Update

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to say anything about my upcoming novel, so I’m excited to announce that this week you’ll get to read an interview between the main character, Aerietta Elony, and one of the King’s most loyal interrogators. Get a glimpse into the mind of Aerietta and the plot of the book! There will be a book excerpt I get to throw in that day as well. Basically, it’s gonna be a fun day. That all happens for my What’s With Wednesdays? post.

I’m also in the process of creating a book page on my blog so you can go and check for updates on the development of the book, the pre-release info, and enter-to-win an eBook opportunities. BUT, only the readers with the below password will be able to enter the page.

Password: COTE

Well, guys, that’s all the time I’ve got for today! “Tune in” Wednesday to get an inside look at Aerietta and the crazy, messed-up world she lives in!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf? ― Andre says, “The 5000 Year Leap!”


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