**Gasp** First Look at the First Review!

So, it’s been a whole few hours since I last posted, and surely you’re thinking, She can’t have anything new to tell us. But I do. So sit back and listen, folks.

As you’re all painfully aware, my novel is almost out and I’m scrambling for reviewers before it comes out so, you know, my readers have some basis to go on before they actually pay money for the book. Thankfully, as a blogger and reviewer myself, I know to choose my audiences carefully and only ask reviewers that I know are interested in my genre.

(By the way, you want to know a secret? Something most authors aren’t going to tell you? Submitting your novel for review is so scary. That’s your baby you’re putting out there! And as a wise man once told me, *”Reviewers and editors are going to do things to ‘baby’ that shouldn’t be done to ‘baby.'” and boy is that true! But, as always, constructive criticism is what carries the story on. So basically the moral of the story is … don’t call your novel your “baby.” “Baby” is about to undergo some changes.)

All that to say, Miss Dory Day of Doris Day | Reviews in Their Rawest Form book blog decided to take a chance on Crown of Crimson. If you’d like to check out her review or her blog, click here! She’s got a really nice set up with these cool stars and a grading system and I’m just over here like:tumblr_m9nbgb066V1qebvfho1_1280

But if you’d like to see the organized review of Crown of Crimson, then give Dory a click! If you like the kind of books I like, you’ll probably appreciate her reviews, too.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf? (Kali says: “Girl. Way too much. Way too much.”)

*Disclaimer: I was quoting Torry Martin, a friend/mentor screenwriter.

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