Who wants a copy of The Swordmaster BEFORE it comes out?? EXCLUSIVE TO MY READERS!

In Evrallon, skeletons have a way of escaping their closets.


Before he captured Aerietta.

Before he was betrayed by the princess.

Before he became the Swordmaster.

He still had secrets.

Lyom Livingstone wasn’t supposed to live to the age of twenty-two. He’s never touched a sword in his life. He’s known as the reckless, impulsive kid Blancathey can’t get rid of.

Get trapped in Rose Reid’s spellbinding prequel to Crown of Crimson. Learn the secrets the Children have been guarding, discover the truth behind Evrallon’s history, and uproot the hidden past the Swordmaster has done everything to bury.

We are only a few weeks out from the release of the prequel to Crown of Crimson! For those of you who have emailed me asking about Lyom and his past, this book was written just for you. Are you prepared to see where the Swordmaster came from? Are you ready to learn just how far he’s come?


I’ve got exciting news for you, readers! You can read an excerpt from The Swordmaster right here on my blog, RIGHT NOW. Can I get a drumroll please?

The Swordmaster Excerpt

Now who wants a copy of The Swordmaster?

For my loyal readers who have spent many a day on my blog, reading my novels, and emailing me questions, I have a wonderful surprise for you! If we can light up Amazon and get The Swordmaster to the top of the page when you type in its name, I get to send out an early, paperback copy of The Swordmaster!

The Swordmaster Paperback Attempt 2We have until Saturday the 13th to make this happen! Spread the word about The Swordmaster and get as many people as you can to visit its page on Amazon. As soon as I see people visiting, I get to open a giveaway for the book before it comes out! And ONLY my readers will get a chance to get it!

If you want a chance to win The Swordmaster as a promotional tool, for your blog, or for your own reading pleasure, then let’s get as many people to Amazon as we can!



You guys got this!

Check back on Saturday the 13th to see if we’ve made our quota! Then, it’s off to the races! You’ll get to see right here where to enter to win a free copy of The Swordmaster weeks before it releases.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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