Fair-weather Ferris-Wheeler | Anybody up for trivia to win an Amazon gift card?

Well, look at the time! It’s been a whole two days since I posted last! And you guys thought I was joking when I said I was back in action…sheesh…

So, the fair is in town. Normally the fair’s a no-go for Ro-Ro here but this year I decided, what the heck? I’m gonna be a fair-weather ferris-wheeler.

IMG_3382And would you believe I enjoyed myself? A lot. I’ve been there three days in a row. Who thinks I should go again?

Got some nice pictures, sat on benches and got to read some books (crazy, right? but I’m quickly discovering that carnivals are my place), met some very nice people with very interesting background stories, ran into a few bloggers, and…

…look, a juggler! This dude had me enraptured for at least thirty minutes. Per night. Pure insanity what this young, gentleman (whose name happens to be Dylan) can do. Have I Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.08.34 PM.pngmentioned I love carnivals yet? Okay, well add jugglers to the list too. Sign me up.

Am I rambling about the juggler? Tell me to stop. K.

If you are anywhere in the Nashville area, you need to stop by at the Williamson County Fair! It’s open until the 13th. And hey! Maybe you’ll meet me there. Look for the juggler. I’ll probably be videoing him again.

Okay, so on to the next part of my blog post. The trivia and possibly-win-an-Amazon-gift-card part, right?

Fine with me. It’s only a $15 gift card but be excited you crazy hooligans. $15 is enough to buy yourself two Kindle ebooks. Go out! Celebrate! Binge-read on me!

You ready to see what the trivia is on?

Crown of Crimson

Have you read it? No? Well, I’d suggest checking out the reviews before you attempt to answer any of these questions.

In order to answer the question, submit them via email or the “contact” area of my blog.

Without further ado:

  1. What is Aerietta’s father’s name?
  2. Where was Aerietta born?
  3. What is the realm of the fantasy characters called? (the fae, demons, etc.)
  4. What color are Aerietta’s eyes?
  5. What color are Prince Finnegan Atwood’s eyes?
  6. What are the names of the people Aerietta killed on her first assignment?
  7. What are the names of the people in Aerietta’s old sect?
  8. What does Lyom carry around with him everywhere, other than his sword?
  9. Which of Lyom’s swordsmen does Aerietta hate the most?
  10. What is the name Anik Tere knows Aerietta by? In other words, what was her alias in Helmfirth?


If you think you have the answers to these ten, easy questions, then hop over to my contact page and shoot me an email! First one to answer all 10 correctly gets the cake. Or in this case, the Amazon gift card.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?


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