Fun Fact for the Week

So, a lot of my readers have also read my novel Crown of Crimson. I have gotten an overwhelmingly good response, even receiving a 4 out of 4 stars rating on Online Book Club, a national book reviewer. But the one thing everyone keeps coming back to is, IT’S TOO SIMILAR TO THRONE OF GLASS!

Okay. Confession time. Did I read Throne of Glass and then publish Crown of Crimson? Yes. But had I already begun writing a version of Crown of Crimson before I’d ever even HEARD of Sarah J. Maas? ABSOLUTELY. If you want to think I looked at anything and used it as inspiration, go look at the video game Assassin’s Creed.

That’s right. I played Assassin’s Creed with my young brother years and years before I wrote Crown of Crimson. Assassin’s Creed was what prompted the Cannon, and all of Aerietta’s assassinations. The game actually has an ingenious plot.

So, what is my fun fact of the week?


Can you believe it? I don’t remember why I stopped reading them, but I think something began to annoy me and I just decided I wasn’t going to read them anymore. Or maybe the main character stopped dating the guy I liked 😉 That’s a deal-breaker for me.

So to all those out there still reading Sarah J. Maas’ books, enjoy them! Ms. Maas is a WONDERFUL author! But know that I have read nothing past whatever the third book’s name was. If something in my novel rings similar to something in Book 5 of Ms. Maas’ series, know that it was not copied!

Anyway. That was my fact of the week. What spurred it? A friend reading a beta copy of one of my novels and making a comment, saying that something was similar in one of the newer ToG books. I did change it, but I honestly just can’t go through all of my books and all of HER books to make sure there are no similarities 😉 After all, it is about an assassin.

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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