The FALLEN Novels by Lauren Kate | WHAT. EVEN.

I’m very concerned for myself―for my mental health.

So, needless to say, it’s been a while since we last chatted, fair readers, but in that time I’ve been busy. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ve been revisiting my to-read list on Goodreads as well as finding new books, writing some more, and shooting a couple Indie films. It’s been a busy past few months.

In that time period, as I said, I was looking back through my old to-read list and remembered, “Oh, I never finished reading Fallen, Book One  of THE FALLEN NOVELS by Lauren Kate. And I thought to myself, maybe I should finish reading that book, right?

Before I continue on with what may be an extremely long post with plenty of GIFs, let me give you the summary of my thoughts on THE FALLEN NOVELS


Yeah, to be honest, that pretty much sums it up.

The books Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Rapture by Lauren Kate have me completely turned inside out―I don’t know which way is up, and which way is down. I don’t know whether to love this series, or completely hate it.

Now, some of you guys out there are like, Rose, you’re conflicted about a lot of books… Yes. I am. But this one…guys, I have a good reason.


Okay. Let the rant begin.

Fallen, Book One

Okay, crazies.

5632b739660f52cb187fb2a79282bee0For those of you who don’t know, Fallen is the first book in a series written by author, Lauren Kate, who has actually been writing for a while now. I began to read the first book a little over a year ago. It captured my interest, but something must have gotten in the way because for the next year and three months, it collected dust on my virtual bookshelf.

Fallen is your typical angel story with an atypical twist. Luce Price is a seemingly troubled young girl who, after the gruesome death of her boyfriend, is sent to the rehabilitation center known as Sword & Cross because the authorities assigned to her case believe that Luce unwittingly had something to do with her boyfriend’s death. And the scary thing? Luce believes she might, too.

As soon as she gets to Sword & Cross, she crosses paths with Daniel Grigori, a man that immediately stands out to her. She knows she’s seen him somewhere before and feels this instant connection with him and…DID HE JUST FLIP HER OFF?


Except, Luce can’t seem to get him out of her head. She knows she’s going crazy but she feels like she’s known him her whole life.

Well, this is actually because Luce does know him. But not from this lifetime.

Daniel is a fallen angel, cursed to roam this world for eternity. But living forever isn’t Daniel’s problem…it’s Luce. Every seventeen years, her soul reincarnates, and the forces of good or evil or whatever always pull them together, no matter how far Daniel runs. And every time she gets too close to him―SHE LITERALLY DIES. He is cursed and blessed to love her for all eternity, and every seventeen years when he finds her again, his love kills her.

This has been going on for centuries and centuries. You get the picture.

Okay, so sounds pretty interesting, right? Apart from the fact that literally every ten pages after we learn Daniel is an angel, we’re told that Luce is SPESHUL, SPESHUL, SPESHUL, Fallen was a good book. It was interesting, there was a good romance―apart from the MAJOR insta-love factor that you just can’t get around―and a decent villain (the shadows Luce sees). It wasn’t bad.

Book 2 is where everything goes downhill. And I mean FAST.

Torment, Book Two

The second book in The FALLEN Novels starts out pretty decent.

7740152Cam―a sexy demon we meet in Book 1―and Daniel are working together to keep Luce safe from harm. The people that want to harm her are the Elders―bad guys mentioned in Book 1―and these mysterious fallen angels called the Outcasts (I thought all fallen angels were outcasts??). Now, I can forgive the fact that these Outcasts came from out of nowhere, because in Book 2, we’re getting a bigger picture of the angel world. All of the book’s surprises don’t bother me. What does bother me are these very consistent themes:

  • Luce is SPESHUL, more SPESHUL than any other girl alive! And you know what, this Luce is even more SPESHUL than the last thousand Luces! In fact, Luce is so speshul that both heaven and hell are fighting for her! WHOA.
    *Pst…that “whoa” was sarcastic…*
  • No one tells Luce anything because they’re afraid she’s going to spontaneously combust
  • People claim to know more than Luce, then seem like they don’t know, then all of a sudden know again. Sound confusing? Let me give you an example. Maybe Luce asks Daniel, “Why do I always spontaneously combust? Is it something we do?” and he goes, “I can’t tell you…” and she’s like, “Why?” and he goes “Oh, okay fine, so it’s sometimes the first time we kiss, other times it’s just the brush of fingers.” And then Luce later discovers that it’s NONE OF THE ABOVE and it’s actually something on her end, and Daniel’s like, “Oh, you figured it out?”
  • Luce wants to believe that her love for Daniel is real, but she’s tired of him lording over her life! So she sometimes falls into his arms, sometimes pushes him away, and ― GET SOME CONSISTENCY GIRL.

Basically, throughout the book, I’m completely torn in two. Because on the one hand, I have always loved authors who can take Biblical ideas and turn them into something that is so much more developed. I also loved that Lauren Kate used real events, and real artifacts in her novel. It was fascinating. But I HATED a ton of things in it―namely, how special Luce was.

Did I mention that already?

It’s literally never explained. Throughout the whole series. Everyone is always like “You’re very important, Luce. You’re going to change everything―save us all…”


Then, the ending of the book drove me crazy. She literally just abandons ship, pretty much. Randomly, in the midst of a battle, decides she wants to understand her love for Daniel and vice versa. So she friggen time travels.

I don’t know a ton about angels, but this is getting out of control.

Passion, Book Three

695085-_sy540_And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse…

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Book Three.

Biggest waste of time in the series. If you want to skip one of the books because you’re dying to just find out what happens―like I was―then just skip all of Passion and allow me to sum it up. Literally nothing happens to further the plot except for the very end.

Long story short, Luce time travels―already doubting her decision on page 1 (girl can’t commit)―to see why she and Daniel always end up together. She travels through hundreds of life times and watches herself fall in love with Daniel all over again. It’s boring, quite frankly. Her guide through all this? A little gargoyle named Bill. Except, it’s actually Satan.

Say-what-gif.gifYou heard me. It’s SATAN HIMSELF. He’s troubled himself to come out of Hell just to visit Luce.

Cause―need I say it again???―she’s just that special!

Satan tries to get her to kill herself (ummm….why doesn’t he just kill her??) and when that doesn’t work, he gets mad and says, “Fine! I’ll just time travel to the beginning of time and change the course of history!”

Okay. Sounds like a good plan. One question: Why now, though? Because, haven’t you been cursed this whole time? If you’d been miserable, cursed by God, and you had a way out, I’m pretty sure you would have taken it by now.

At the end of Book 3, Passion, it’s revealed that they have 9 days to stop Satan―the Satan―from destroying everything.

Rapture, Book Four

Okay, guys. If you thought I had some qualms about the last three books…hold onto your12716010 bootstraps.

(PS., there were some elements about the books that I liked but gimme a second, I’m on a roll)

In Rapture, Luce and Daniel are finally back from time-jumping and are scheming to take Satan down before he can undo all of time since the Fall. They are being aided by a few demons (same thing as fallen angels, pretty much) and a few nephilim.

As they’re preparing, Luce does some kind of mind-time-travel and learns a few key things from the past.

And guys, I almost stopped reading here.

Want to know why Rapture says the Fall actually occurred? Not because Lucifer became conceited, but actually because HE WAS IN LOVE WITH LUCE.

Imagine that! Not only did Daniel love her, but so did Lucifer! Man, this girl’s just got it going on. The reason hundreds of thousands of angels fell was because Lucifer loved Luce. Aww, cute.

Now, actually Daniel does clarify that it wasn’t Luce that made Lucifer’s decision. He said that it WAS pride and that he would have fallen anyway, but Luce was still a part of it.


I’ve got to bring this thing in for a landing or I could go on all night about the little things that annoyed me. But before I end on the “bad” part, let me just say this for my Christian audience:

The FALLEN Novels are good, clean books. BUT they majorly skew Biblical accounts. Daniel questions God in the novels, challenging Him that He needs to consider that He could be wrong, and in the end, God’s like, “Ooops, yeah bud, made a mistake back there. Sorry, I won’t be so judgmental next time.”

Just be aware of that going into these books.

Apart from all the bad I mentioned, there were some really, really great elements about this series.

Cam is a great character, and if it weren’t for Daniel’s saccharine personality, he’d be great, too (he was best in Fallen, Book One). The characters were fairly well developed and Lauren Kate certainly put plenty of time and effort into creating the backstories and lore.

The romance is sweet, and despite all the books’ faults, it hooks you and drags you to the end. Yes, I believe they exponentially decline in quality, but you still keep buying the books just so you can know the ending. Because by the time you’re like “This series sucks” you’re already thinking, “But I can’t just walk away without knowing what happens to Cam!”

Because lets be honest, Cam is the best character. What can I say? I have a weak spot for bad boys.


If I were to rate The FALLEN Novels altogether, I would give them a whopping:


HOWEVER, if I were to rate Fallen, Book One, I’d have to give it:


Book One really was a great book, and I strongly encourage fans of angel books to check it out. I can’t in good conscience recommend the other three. Personally, I feel like they were a waste of time and money. But I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?


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