Release Date for the Second Book in The Afterlight Chronicles

I think it’s been too long since we’ve chatted, don’t you?

The prequel to the first book in The Afterlight Chronicles was published on August 30 of 2016, and today, November 7 2016, I get to announce that the sequel to Crown of Crimson (released on January 22 of 2016) will be released on:

April 25, 2017

The book will be available for pre-order in early March.

A special thanks to all of my Beta readers who read the sequel, critiqued it, and came back with helpful advice! This has been a rollercoaster year for me, as well for many of my Beta readers, so the fact that the sequel came together at all this year is incredible.

I seriously can’t wait to share the sequel with you, but for now I’ll have to settle for just revealing the name ANNNNNNNDDDDDD the cover!

Smoke and Ash (The Afterlight Chronicles #2)


Stay tuned because in just a few weeks, you’ll get to read an excerpt from Smoke and Ash!

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