I’m aware that there is more to the title but there is no way I’m writing it all out.

Wow. Give me a second to compose my thoughts. This is one of those many books where I’m not quite sure if I really liked it, or if I have no feelings on it at all. It’s almost like the good and bad things I have to say about it cancel each other out so it’s just a “meh” book.

The First Five Days is the story of Yosi Sint, essentially, who is the supreme ruler of a fantasy land known as Lionea. After the previous ruler was mysteriously offed, Yosi is very concerned that something like this could happen to him to. The book is pretty much about the first five days of Yosi’s rule, comprised of back stories and other characters’ POVs and such.

Before I even get into this review, I just HAVE to praise the author for incredible world-building and use of new terms. I love it when authors come up with their own words for different things, so long as these new words aren’t being used to replace totally normal words and you don’t have to memorize a completely foreign dictionary. John & Archie of The First Five Days did this brilliantly. The hierarchy of Lionea was perfectly laid out so readers couldn’t possibly be confused, and a map of the fictional country was even drawn up and given in the first few pages.

Like with The Shattered Crown, I didn’t expect to like this book…until I read the preface that is. The second I heard the authors talking about mysteries to unravel and that the reader was going to have to think, I was just caught up in, Where has this book been all my life? And I have to say, from a mystery point of view, I was NOT disappointed.

The First Five Days kept me rapt from cover to cover, however there were some unfortunate parts of the book that I didn’t care for, hence my befuddlement.

I wasn’t a fan of the multiple POV. I’ve heard that a lot of people were but it just didn’t do it for me. Normally I like multiple POVs a lot but in The First Five Days it was just annoying. I don’t think John & Archie did a good enough job of making me like the other characters. Whenever (in my opinion) stupid drama arose between other characters, I caught myself thinking, I don’t care what happens in your lives! What’s going on with Yosi right now?

I thought the fight scenes were well written but didn’t love the lack of descriptions. Yes, when something absolutely had to be described, it was described beautifully, but it felt as though the authors almost took a cop out by not really giving descriptions of where the characters were going, what they were doing, and how they felt doing it. I could be the only person on earth that thinks this way, but I felt that the lack of certain descriptors limited the suspense for me. I couldn’t get into some of the fight scenes.

Over all, The First Five Days was a really good read! I’d recommend it to fans of fantasy novels like Luke Taylor’s Vault of Dreams!

You can buy or check out the book here:

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf?

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