It’s Factual Friday! + SPESHUL Announcements + Tips and Tricks for Indie Writers

What’s up, my babies? Long time no chat! Trust me, I’ve been up to plenty. Hope you guys have been up to stuff too!

custom-book-cover-rose-reid-official-ebookFactual Friday means it’s time to give you guys the low-down on what’s up.

As most of you know, the sequel to Crown of Crimson, Book 1 of the Afterlight Chronicles, will be published April 25 of this year! Which is extremely exciting for me.

Pre-orders for Smoke and Ash opened on Amazon TODAY so buzz on over to order your copy to have it delivered wirelessly to your Kindle device the very hour it is released!

It’s been a super fun journey thus far but it’s not even close to over yet.

But, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re keenly aware of the fact that I can never just do ONE THING. I need to be doing at least eight separate things at the same time. Which is why I’ve gone out and bought a ton of new books (23, to be exact) and will be reading them AT THE SAME TIME as I am working on a new series!

And guys, I’m hoping this one blows your socks off.

Stay tuned to hear more about the new book series I have in the works and to get exclusive content!

So, since it’s Factual Friday, I feel like I should dish out a few facts and cool tips for Indie Writers. Sound good?

For a ton of Indie Writing tips, check out my other blog posts: Useful Tools for Indie Writers and Useful Tools for Indie Writers (Round 2!). I’m planning on writing a “Round 3” here pretty soon because I had some really great feedback from rounds 1 & 2.

If you’re an independent author, then this is generally one of the first problems you stumble upon (other than formatting and layout and Oh my gosh, I’m only three pages in, but what am I going to do about the cover?!). Well, look no further fellow writers. Listed below are my top favorite sites for self-publishing.

  1. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) used to be solely for electronic publishing but recently they’ve expanded their platform to accommodate paperback (and hard-cover hopefully soon) authors. It’s incredibly easy to use, free, and has features that can be accessed for very low prices. Advertise your book, promote it, and create your own author’s page!
  2. CreateSpace Publishing is an independent platform powered by Amazon. This was originally where you had to make your paperback copies after you published with KDP’s Kindle version. It is slightly outdated and a bit trickier to use but still a great program.
  3. SwoonReads is an online organization that allows independent authors to offer their works to their readers for a chance to be published by Macmillan. SwoonReads is very careful about which books they choose, but if they choose you, you’re pretty golden. Only one catch! You HAVE to only offer your book on SwoonReads for the first 6 months! OUCH. That’s a chomp out of revenue!

Well, friends, that’s all for Factual Friday this week! I’ll probably have read 8 of my 23 books next time I check in with you.

Until then…

Later, babes!

What’s on your bookshelf? (Amaya says: “The Road. Have you read it?” No, Amaya, I haven’t…but it’s in my stack of 23!)

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