17 Days Until SMOKE + ASH Releases

I can hardly believe the time is already upon us. When I first finished writing Smoke and Ash (The Afterlight Chronicles #2) and scheduled an optimal release date, I thought to myself, That’s so long! I can’t wait that long to release it! Well friends, the time is coming. As of today, we are 17 days away from the release of the second book in the Afterlight Chronicles!

Many Beta readers have already read it and submitted feedback, and a few have even already left reviews on Goodreads. I cannot describe how happy it makes me to read what you write–both the good AND the bad. Your comments and constructive criticism help more than you know.

The official release date is:

April 25, 2017

It’s so soon, friends…

For now, check out some excerpts from reviews that have been submitted!

“As far as sequels go, it’s dang near perfect, because it threads in the past and forges boldly ahead into an incredibly enticing future. My favorite elements of this story *wink wink to Rose* would be all spoilery, and to say I enjoyed it would be an understatement, and I can’t recommend Rose highly enough, a true titan in the making in the YA fantasy genre.”

Luke Taylor, Author of Vault of Dreams

“There are very few authors who create fantasy worlds as beautiful and exceptional as Rose Reid did with this series. The magic-system, the sceneries, the politics, everything, is amazingly well done. I am constantly surprised by the twist and turns throughout these books. This series has me completely hooked, and I cannot wait to read book three.”

Nicki, Goodreads Review

“Just like after I read the first one I found myself feeling like I got my heart ripped out. I both love and hate the way that this series keeps leaving me in gut wrenching pain. You definitely know how to leave your readers on the edge of our seats.”

Jorgie, Goodreads Reviewer

For those of you who have read this post, I have a surprise for you! I am releasing the title of the third book of The Afterlight Chronicles several months in advance. Just to get you all hyped up about the series. One of the many reasons I chose to independently publish was because it meant that I could schedule these things myself, whereas most authors have to wait an entire year before they can release another novel. Luckily for me, I get to tell you the name of the third book in Aerietta’s tale… and that its release date is going to be sooner than you know.

Coal and Bone (The Afterlight Chronicles #3)

I’m already excited to share it with you! Those of you who have read my novels should recognize the correlation between the second and third installments’ names 😉

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