!Special Announcement!

Well, friends, we are less than 3 days out from the release of Smoke and Ash, the second book in The Afterlight Chronicles! I’m so incredibly excited to share this release with you all! But… that’s not why I’m writing to you…

If you’ve been on my site in the past month, then you know that a fear friend, Jackson Thomas, was involved in a horrible car wreck that nearly claimed his life. It’s a miracle that he survived at all, let alone that he is doing as well as he is. Jackson, the beautiful IMG_0774human, stood up and walked half of his hallway today! He’s doing MIRACULOUSLY well. But that doesn’t change the fact that he still needs help. And plenty of it.

For those of you who HAVEN’T been on my site in a while and have no idea who this Jackson K Thomas is, allow me to elucidate.

Jackson is a talented photographer and videographer whose work has been featured on huge Instagram accounts. He’s known by most as someone with drive, vision, and skill, but not everyone realizes what an amazing friend he is. Jackson has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever fallen into. No matter where you are in your walk in life, he’ll be there to IMG_0405help you out. He loves sitting down and grabbing coffee with the saints… and the sinners. Because he knows he sure as anything falls closer to the latter.

Jackson is strong-willed, determined, gifted, brilliant, and passionate. He has a heart for people and an eye for beauty in every form. If there is one person on this planet I would trust to tell my deepest, darkest secrets to… it would be Jackson.

So are you guys ready for my big announcement???

Okay well gear up because here it comes:


That’s a TON of book sales…. WITH YOUR HELP! I will be donating all of my royalties for the next month, until May 25th, to the Thomas family to help them pay for medical bills. Even if you don’t like my books, or haven’t read the first one, I urge you to purchase Smoke and Ash simply to help give money to the Thomas family. What’s a measly $7.99 going to cost you in the long run? For Jackson and his family, it could be a game changer. You never know.

So please, please help me heal Jackson! Help me to share the same love he’s extended to me and everyone else he knows.

Still not convinced? Okay. Well. If that didn’t work, how about I show you some of his videos?

If you guys are interested in helping me help the Thomas family, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me spread the word! All proceeds for the first month of the release of Smoke and Ash go to Jackson Thomas in his family.

$7.99 doesn’t seem like much, but if we can all get together, we can make a difference.

Thanks, loves! I knew I could count on you 😉


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