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Prepare to enter the world of assassins, demons, princes, and legends in the first book of The Afterlight Chronicles, Crown of Crimson. Aerietta Elony isn’t your ordinary assassin. She was born to inherit the throne, but because of a curse laid upon her, is banished to live with the assassins that serve the king ― her father. She’s never worried about keeping her secret, but when a neighboring kingdom attacks and Aerietta is betrayed and captured, keeping it will mean the difference between life and death.

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The Swordmaster Paperback Attempt 2The Swordmaster

In Evrallon, skeletons have a way of finding their way out of their closets.

In the prequel to Crown of Crimson, Lyom Livingstone is nothing more than a kid living on the streets, and most don’t expect him to live past the age of twenty-one. He’s careless, passionate, and clever. But he’s also secretive.

When a mysterious girl with white hair steps into his dreams, Lyom learns that he isn’t the only one that knows about his secret. But the white-haired girl can’t be trusted, can she?

Get trapped in the world of Afterlighters, Flickers, Risers, and Swordmasters in Rose Reid’s new novel, The Swordmaster.

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    1. Hi, Leanne! Very happy you enjoyed the book! It’s readers like you that really, really help me out! I don’t know when Book 2 will be released! But I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s ready:) Happy reading!


  1. Read this book in two day, simply couldn’t put it down! I love the twist and turns everything took and the different loves that developed Within Aerietta for Dominik and even Lyom. Definitely cannot wait until the second book comes out. Will be keeping an eye out!


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