Submission Policy

If you’ve been frequenting my blog for some time, then you probably already know what my policy is for book submissions, so this page is for those of you who are new to Rose’s Reids. So … welcome!

Please take special care to read my submission guidelines. If you choose to ignore my policies and submit a work that is not within the parameters, you may receive a poor review. HOWEVER, I will always accept emails and letters from authors who wish to have their book reviewed but are not sure it is within the parameters. If you have any questions regarding my policy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


At this time I am only accepting a SELECT NUMBER OF BOOKS. Due to my hectic schedule and the amount of books already in my queue. To increase your odds of having your book chosen for review, please examine my Special Occasion Guidelines:

Special Occasion Guidelines:

Suggested Genres:

  • YA Sci/Fi
  • YA Epic fantasy/dark fantasy
  • YA Urban fantasy
  • YA Dystopia/Apocalyptic
  • YA Romance

will not accept any adult romance, erotica, adult science fiction, or any work of nonfiction at this time.

Normal Guidelines:

Accepted Genres:

  • YA Sci/Fi
  • Fantasy/Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • YA Romance
  • Dystopian/Apocalyptic
  • Utopian
  • Horror

Unadvised Content:

  • Excessive strong language
  • Graphic scenes of sexuality or nudity
  • Gay or lesbian messages/agendas
  • Unrestrained horrific elements
  • Abuse of the same phrase over and over (I’m only half joking)

So, yeah, those are some pretty vague guidelines, right? Let me take a minute to explain my classifications here.

Excessive strong language:

 Meaning that I will not tolerate the use of filthy language. Swear words and strong language is accepted (but not advised) so long as it is not immoderate or unrestrained. Constantly dropping f-bombs is going to get you nowhere on Rose’s Reids. This is my strongest policy and I urge you to take heed. I consider strong and foul language to be filler words used by the uneducated so if you would like to make it seem that your characters have substance, I would limit the amount of foul language they use. They’re not cool or gangster, just ignorant.

Graphic scenes of sexuality or nudity:

I’m not looking to read a pornographic novel. If you submit one, YOU WILL BE CRUCIFIED, so don’t be surprised when I turn in my review saying that it was nothing but explicit content unfit for any reader. If you, as the author, feel it is necessary to walk me through a detailed love scene, please refrain from sending me your novel; it’s not going to fly.

Gay or lesbian messages/agendas:

That should indicate right off the bat that I’m completely straight and I like my characters to be like that ― ALL OF MY CHARACTERS, including supporting and extra roles. Unlike my other guidelines, this one I am strict about and will not lean. NO GAY OR LESBIAN AGENDAS.

Unrestrained horrific elements:

This might make you think, “Didn’t you just say you were okay with horror?” Yep. I am. But that doesn’t mean I want to read about a demon crawling out from under Little Lucy’s bed and dragging her down into the depths of the underworld. Horror movies and horror books are very different. Please consider this before submitting a horror novel.

Abuse of the same phrase over and over:

As I said I’m only half joking when I list this as one of my book submission guidelines. It’s one of my pet peeves. I cannot get over it when a book uses the same phrase over and over again.

For example: The use of “in other words” every other paragraph. It wears on you.


What You Can Expect

If you submit a book, I have the right to refuse it.

If I choose to read your book, I will read it within a month unless I supply another date.

If you have a deadline that the review needs to meet, please make that clear up front and I will do all I can to accommodate!

THE ACCEPTANCE OF A BOOK IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT I WILL READ IT. If I read a book and absolutely loathe it, I may or may not review it.

I will never “author bash” ― meaning I will never criticize the author unnecessarily. If the author’s work is terrible, I’ll tell my readers that is it terrible, but I won’t tell them that the author is a horrible writer. No author-bashing here!

There you have it. My policy for book submissions. I am pretty thorough about the books I take in so please take care to read and understand each guideline. As stated above, if you have questions about my policy, please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any questions.

If your book does not directly match these guidelines, you are free to email me and ask me directly. I’d be happy to let you know if your book is within my parameters.

Good luck to you sentimental souls and I look forward to reading your fabulous works!

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